Angling into approachable modern: Creating the Dempsey

Modern design can seem scary, but the Dempsey makes modern so comfortable you’ll want this fan in every room of your home.

“It’s comfortable in the sake that it’s not too different from the classic ceiling fan, where some modern fans can go really, really far out there,” said Hunter Fan Designer Claire McRoberts.

Hunter Fan Company Dempsey modern ceiling fan sketch

Designing ceiling fans is a collaborative effort among the Hunter Fan Design Team, and the Dempsey was no exception: One designer started with base sketches, while McRoberts – noticing a particular detail in those sketches – felt inspired and completed the design to what it is today.

“The housing angles out and it’s a direct juxtaposition to the glass that angles in, so it helps the fan feel bigger, more substantial,” she said.

Angles — That’s the trend McRoberts kept consistent in the Dempsey design. (Now that we’ve pointed it out, we bet you’ll notice it everywhere on the fan.) From the middle of the blades to the top of the housing, the crisp yet subtle angles push this fan over the border from classic to chic.

“In more modern design, less tends to be more, but at same time you want something of interest to look at,” said McRoberts, “So finding the balance between subtle details and cleanliness is always a challenge with modern design.”

The angles throughout this contemporary fan’s design helps it fit flawlessly in a home McRoberts describes as “soft modern.”

What’s “soft modern,” you ask?

“Soft modern is the space where it goes from transitional to modern. I think that’s where consumers like modern design. As consumers, we like to look at the super modern design and appreciate it, but like to live in soft modern design,” said McRoberts.

Whether your home is mildly modern or completely contemporary, the Dempsey’s clean finishes and angled detailing will make your space look current and inspired.

You can purchase the Dempsey now on Hunter Fan’s website! As a part of the Dempsey Collection, you can chose from two different finishes and various size options for your indoor space or covered patio.