Bedroom ceiling fan ideas to transform your space

Our bedroom ceiling fan ideas will help transform your space. Small bedrooms to children’s bedrooms: we have the best bedroom ceiling fans to fit your needs.

Take your bedroom from lackluster to designer inspired by utilizing our bedroom design ideas. Children’s bedrooms to master bedrooms, bedrooms with high ceilings to bedrooms with low ceilings: Despite a bedroom’s architecture and needs, you can still create a comfortable and stylish bedroom. Easily swap out textiles, reorganize some furniture, and utilize our bedroom ceiling fan ideas to update your bedrooms.

Large bedroom ideas

A large bedroom leaves enough space to create a unique space. It allows for extra seating like two chairs at the window and a cozy bench at the end of the bed. Use a tall bookshelf instead of nightstands. Smartly place furniture so it enhances the style and functionality of the room without sacrificing traffic space. Create a statement wall with a patterned wallpaper complemented by bedding and textiles in similar hues. A large bedroom ceiling fan with lights and remote gives you easy control over the fan speed for air circulation as well as additional lighting in the large space.

Bureau Hunter bedroom ceiling fan with lights and remote in modern glam bedroom

Small bedroom ideas

Get creative to make your small bedroom look and feel bigger. Use a full-length mirror to enhance natural light coming from windows.  Rules of Feng Shui say to create symmetry and balance in small spaces: Use two lamps (or scones) and two nightstands on either side of the bed. Keep the number of artwork pieces in your bedroom minimal and hang it at eye level. Add more light to small bedrooms with a small ceiling fan.

Tech savvy bedroom ideas

Use a myriad of smart devices to create the perfect ambiance in your bedroom. A ceiling fan with tunable white LED light technology offers various light color temperatures to best set the mood: Daylight can help you wake up and focus while warm white can help you wind down from the day. Sync up your smart devices like window blinds, lights, thermostats, and smart ceiling fans. Make it a part of your “wake up” or “bed time” environments to automate the smart devices.

Hunter ceiling fan with Tunable White LED light

Farmhouse bedroom ideas

Farmhouse bedroom style is about creating a cozy, authentic feel in the room. Embrace a neutral color palette and rustic wood finishes. Add pops of light, earthy colors like sage green and sky blue if you need a little color in your space. Top it off with pops of greenery, a textured jute rug, and black accents on fixtures like ceiling fans.

Romulus SIMPLEconnect Hunter smart ceiling fan for farmhouse bedroom ideas

Children’s bedroom ideas

Kid’s rooms don’t have to have a bold theme these days – let it blend in more with your décor or be subtly themed. For a bright and bold room, get a bright, multi-colored rug to pair with a bold blanket and hanging rainbow colored lights. Keep it toned down with pastels like blush pink and mint. We love the mid-century inspired kid’s room from our Nashville Huntervention and the playfulness the mint Cranbrook fan adds. For a wildlife or dinosaur themed room, utilize fake greenery and earth-tone textiles, then add a fan in a neutral color and rustic blade finishes. A low-profile ceiling fan is ideal in a kid’s room: it fits flush with the ceiling and lessens the chance of kids jumping on the beds and hitting the ceiling fan.

Depending on your bedroom’s ceiling height you will either need a low-profile ceiling fan or a standard mount ceiling fan. For bedrooms with high ceilings, you’ll need an accessory downrod to bring the fan to the height for optimal, efficient cooling performance. Explore Hunter fans to find the best bedroom ceiling fan ideas for your space and style.