Best Fans for Cooling an Apartment

We have the inside scoop on fans for your apartment. These fans are stylish, cost-efficient, and the perfect size! Read more about why you need a Hunter ceiling fan in your apartment.

These fans are PERFECT for your apartment. Our smaller ceiling fans fit a wide variety of spaces and can cool the area in no time. We have a few thoughts on the use of ceiling fans in apartments and since you’re here, we’d love to share them with you!

1. Relying solely on your A/C unit can cause your utility bill to sky rocket. Ceiling fans are a cost-efficient and effective way to cool your space for a low price. Keep your air moving, your A/C on low, and your utility bill even lower!

Side note: Imagine your unit goes out leaving you with a hot apartment and a landlord who won’t return your calls…spare yourself the trouble – get a ceiling fan!

2. Apartments can get stuffy – dust accumulates, air filters are not always changed on a routine basis, and let’s face it…your roommate may not always smell their best. A ceiling fan will keep the air moving, aiding in the production of a more inviting atmosphere. After all, an airy apartment is a happy apartment.

3. Are there cold winters where you live? Think you can’t benefit from a ceiling fan? Think again. Reversing your blade spin direction can help move warm air trapped near the ceiling downward. Switching your ceiling fan direction in the winter to clockwise can save you roughly 15 percent on your heating costs. Comfortable temperatures with a lower price point…we like it. For more information on ceiling fan direction for winter check out our blog.

4. Low ceilings? No problem. These ceiling fans are designed to fit flush against your ceiling so even your smaller, shorter rooms feel the love! Read more on how to use low profile ceiling fans in your home.

5. You found the perfect apartment for your style, preferences, and budget. Now, choose the fan to match! We have a design for every taste, the technology for every preference, and price for every budget. . We want to help you make your apartment feel like a home! Our website helps you to shop by feature, style, room, and even color! Filter your search with fan size, technology, and light preference. Who knew shopping for a ceiling fan could be this easy?

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Satin Copper Hepburn – 44 Inch
Dempsey Low Profile – 44 Inch
Loki with LED Light – 36 Inch
Minimus Low Profile – 44 Inch