The Casablanca Fan Company Trend Report

What’s on the horizon for home décor? Insights into the latest and greatest in colors, materials and more.


Minimalism is being replaced by a more complicated look. Mixed media is going to be everywhere in the near future. It’s almost as though there’s no limit to how many different materials and textures can be combined—even in a single piece. This is very exciting, but when you’re going for that effect, you do have to ask yourself: How much is enough? And how much is too much? Let’s look at what this mixed-media approach can mean across a range of design elements.



Nature has perhaps never inspired us more than it does today, and I’m seeing that influence expressed in a lot of organic, amorphous shapes and wavy, energetic lines. Uneven rims, bent wood, outer shells with unexpected flexibility—rigid materials are being crafted into fluidic structures. Diverse materials are at the forefront of design, and in terms of texture, it’s all about unevenness.

“Here at Casablanca, trend research is one of the most important things we do. It’s also great fun. But remember, following trends doesn’t mean being a follower. There are no rules in home décor—just a few guidelines and a lot of great ideas. Above all, what sparks your imagination is what matters. Figure out what inspires you—and then bring that vision to life.”


Luster is big—including luster and matte used together—and there’s also a great deal of glitter, sequins, crystals and lacquer being used to redefine surfaces. We’re going to see a lot high-gloss finishes on wood, along with metallic shine used with various materials such as textiles, ceramic, wood and glass. Gold is taking precedence over copper and bronze. So what about colors? Warm greens, soft browns and grays, complex blues, oranges and yellows will dominate.

The next big thing? Expect the unexpected

To sum up, the next big thing in home décor is what I’d call a “New Traditional” style. And what I mean by that is, bringing modernity to the traditional. This is largely achieved by creating classic shapes with unexpected materials—acrylic, concrete, marble, paper (materials that look like paper but aren’t)—thus making the familiar seem suddenly avant-garde. Even people who typically prefer a contemporary look should find certain aspects of this style attractive.

Living room with a pink sofa

Blush: Decorating with the hottest new neutral

Rose gold is a stunning trend that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but it is morphing into a natural trend progression: Blush.

“What’s interesting about the rose gold is I see men and women carrying around the rose gold. It’s not just a feminine color,” said Christine Holmes, Casablanca Fan Company Designer.

Blush is a whisper of pink, in contrast to the bright bubblegum pink that normally comes to mind. It’s a sophisticated pop color for those who want to keep a tonal look in the space.

“It almost reads as neutral. That was the secret to the mint: It’s not overwhelming, in your face; it’s super subtle,” said Claire McRoberts, Casablanca Fan Company Designer.

From full on tone-on-tone to subtle accents, decorating with blush is what you make of it.

“It can play both parts: I think it’s a really nice accent – we’ve seen it on a lot of accessories – but I think you could go pink couch, paint a wall pink, throw a copper lamp in there,” said Alex Haggar, Casablanca Fan Company Designer.

From contemporary to sophisticated, complete the look of your space with a Casablanca ceiling fan.