Five easy ideas for how to decorate Thanksgiving table

You’ve spent weeks planning the menu, fought the other Thanksgiving cooks crowding the grocery stores, created a timeline to perfectly serve your dishes warm… but you forgot about the decorations.

Before you panic, we’ve got you covered!

Consider us your personal Pinterest, and check out these five easy ways you can make your table and home festive for the holiday.

Decorative candle votives

Take some extra clear candle votives or similar household objects and fill them with something unique.

Good Housekeeping suggests filling the votive with unshelled walnuts, chestnuts or almonds and topping it off with a tea candle. Or borrow a few cranberries from your cranberry sauce recipe and fill the votives with them like Lady’s Little Loves did. Have a few extra minutes to spare? Tie a ribbon around the votive!

Green table runner

Have a green thumb and some extra greenery peeking out from your yard? Clip some of those sprigs to lay across your table on a table runner. No table runner? Cheese cloth will work for a rustic look quick fix.

Burlap & Denim bundled four six-inch pieces of Euonymus from their yard with some gauge floral wire from a craft store and laid them across the table.

Fragrant fruit

Take some oranges from your fruit stash at home and use some of the cloves you may be seasoning the holiday turkey with to make a festive looking and smelling decoration.

Tie a ribbon around them like Homemade Gifts Made Easy did and display them in a bowl in the middle of your table.

Bonus: If someone burns the turkey, this could help alleviate the smell.

Festive vase fillers

Fill mason jars or clear vases with fillers like dried leaves or mini pinecones.

Tie some ribbon around the jars or add branches if you’re feeling extra crafty (or just want a quiet moment away from family).

Paint it gold!

Is there anything a little gold spraypaint can’t make look festive? Head to your nearest craft store to pick up some fall-themed items – pumpkins come to mind – to cover with gold spray paint. (Just make sure to do this outside or in a crafty indoor space; no one wants to eat a gold turkey.) Lay your gold décor along a table runner or maybe in a clear vase like Simply Designing did.


Not feeling crafty? Who says the food can’t serve a dual purpose as decorations?