Home Design Trends: Mid-Century Modern Ceiling Fan

Mid-century modern is one of the most popular home design trends today. Originating as early as the 1930s and lasting through the 1960s, mid-century modern design has made a comeback. Defined by simplicity and natural materials, MCM is a timeless style that is fairly easy to execute. At Casablanca, we’ve got you covered with several varieties of mid-century modern ceiling fans.

What is Mid-Century Modern?

Mid-century modern design really began to take hold after World War II. After the war, there were better means of production for architects and manufacturers to bring their designs to mass market. There was also a great sense of optimism that helped propel design inspiration as people looked toward a prosperous future, endless with possibilities.

Among the famous designers of furniture and lighting of this period were Charles and Ray Eames, Harry Bertoia, Arne Jacobsen and George Nelson. Charles and Ray were responsible for perhaps the most famous piece of furniture to emerge from MCM era: the Eames arm chair. It’s a chair that has never lost its popularity since its first production. Of course, mid-century modern wasn’t just about furniture, its influence can also be seen in graphic, industrial, and interior design. Architects such as Richard Neutra and Rudolph Schindler were also well known for their MCM creations.

Distinguishing features of mid-century modern design place an emphasis on simple, sleek lines. The design of each piece puts function first followed by form. Organic or geometric shapes are other hints that a furniture piece may be mid-century modern. Some other clues are country of origin such Denmark, Japan, Italy, and America as well as peg legs or hardware.

How Can I Incorporate Mid-Century Modern in my Style?

For the longest time, many home interiors decorated with mid-century modern décor all looked the same. To keep your MCM space unique to your own personal style it’s a good idea to mix different styles together while still having those mid-century modern statement pieces anchor each room. By mixing styles, you can break the mold of expectation and create something unpredictable and uniquely your own.

Incorporating mid-century modern can be as simple as adding a couch, table, chair, or ceiling fan. Too many MCM pieces can feel unoriginal and overwhelming, so don’t over think it. Mid-century modern furniture is timeless and made to blend well with furniture from other periods.

As for colors, start simple. You can choose to take cues from radiant 1950s era color combinations or a more subdued palette from the 1960s. One thing’s for sure: neutrals will work with anything and will be timeless as trends change.

Casablanca Fan Company offers many options when it comes to mid-century modern design. As shown from the partnership with The Sarasota Modern hotel, the simple, elegant design of Casablanca’s modern ceiling fans can add a curation to any space that begs to be proudly displayed on Instagram. Several of our favorite modern ceiling fans with mid-century design inspiration include the Valby and Piston.


The Valby is a quintessential mid-century modern ceiling fan design. Heavily influenced by mid-century lighting and electronics, the Valby is the prime example of less is more. With its clean lines and simple housing, the Valby makes a statement all on its own. To complement the Valby, simply add a few arm chairs or table and even your dog won’t be able to resist getting cozy in your modern space.

The Valby comes in two stunning finishes for any occasion. The Matte Black finish is for traditional mid-century modern inspired spaces. For a wider variety of styles, the Valby in Fresh White provides a wider breadth of styles to pair with such as boho or vibrant colors.


Inspired by the pistons used in industrial machinery, the Casablanca Piston fan shows us the breadth of the influence of mid-century modern design. This outdoor, damp-rated fan is also a good example of how to add color to your space without being overwhelmed. The neutral Soft Sage finish is an ode to the muted pastel color selections of the 1960s. All that’s needed to accent a statement piece like the Piston are a few throw pillows and perhaps a plant or two.

Mid-century modern is a timeless form of design that anyone can incorporate into their space with their own personal touch. By dropping a few statement pieces into a room and mixing in different styles you can create something that’s truly unique. One way to achieve that “wow” factor is by placing one of Casablanca’s mid-century modern ceiling fans into your home today!