Farmhouse style is keeping it’s comfy and cozy charm but adding a high fashion flair to it.

Nurtured by HGTV shows like Fixer Upper, farmhouse style embraces minimalism with a tie to tradition. The casual style encourages people to surround themselves with meaningful heirlooms coupled with warm, comfortable design. Reclaimed wood tables and comfortable sofas with neutral fabrics.  Bookshelves filled with vintage accessories placed thoughtfully. Modern farmhouse design ups the ante on this minimalist style’s sense of fashion. It’s keeping the essence of farmhouse design but with high fashion style added to it.
Industrial accents add a modern element to the soft look of farmhouse design. Exchange stainless steel finishes for dark pewter and bronze accents. Add modern industrial barstools at the breakfast bar. Add a light fixture with dark accents like our Panama Sun farmhouse ceiling fan in Noble Bronze combined with rustic wood blade finishes.
Embrace nature inspired elements to add touches of color against farmhouse white. Bringing the beautiful, relaxing view from outside your window inside with shades of green, light blues, and warm mushrooms keeps the essence of farmhouse design with a modern touch. Use greens with a grey undertone on accent chairs and textiles. Get bold by painting an accent wall a dark khaki green color; it adds a masculine yet bohemian influence in your farmhouse spaces. Garden Gate by Sherwin Williams is a great example of a mushroom brown: a warm brown that has a warm “griege” hue. Warm browns especially look great on wood flooring and in accents like serving trays and textiles.
Rustic woods remain quintessential in modern farmhouse style but with warmth added to contrast against bright farmhouse backdrops. Driftwood is being finished with a soft griege tone to bring depth to white, bright spaces. Accentuate the cool, truffle browns of oak finishes a flamed treatment to highlight the grain for a contrast and statement. If you already have a lot of darker finishes in your farmhouse space, swap out darker woods for a bleached rustic wood that gives rooms a softer tone. The white ash finish in our Aya modern ceiling fan is the perfect complement to this look.
Stone materials add depth and dimension to modern farmhouse style. People are starting to swap out marble countertops with concrete waterfall countertops on their kitchen islands. Concrete is also a fashionable way to add a causal touch to lux finishes like brass and copper. Soft to deep saturation, marble is still a quintessential part of farmhouse style, but in more modern applications. Use a soft marble finish on light shades or vases or a subtle accent. Go bold by using a earth-toned, saturated marble on a dining room table top or kitchen counter tops.

Your current farmhouse inspired spaces can keep their current essence, just add a few of these simple updates to keep the style fresh and fashionable. A ceiling fan is another quick way to update your modern farmhouse room. Explore a few of our favorite fashionable farmhouse fans: