Guest blog: Outdoor fan adds finishing touch for modern industrial patio

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Meet Brooke

Hi! I’m Brooke Morales. A Texas native! I’m a work-from-home, stay-at-home mom to Pierce, and wife to Cesar. I love expressing my creative side through home design. Let’s face it: It’s is in my blood (thanks, Mom). I’m keen on designing spaces that are cozy and stylish for my family to feel at home in. Since becoming a mom, I have learned to simplify my decor so that there is less for baby to get into, and I must say, I don’t think it’s a bad thing! Simple and clean is my jam. 

Since patios are becoming an extension of indoor spaces, we have been desperately wanting to update our outdoor living space for the past couple of years. Our home was built in 1965, and the original outdoor ceiling fan came with the home (lucky us!) when the house was purchased in 2000. With all the other house renovations going on, the patio was put on the back burner. Fast forward to 2019, the fan only had 3 blades left – it was definitely time for an update!

I really had to consider the entire space when it came to brainstorming ideas for the patio renovation. I just knew I wanted it to be fresh, sleek, and modern; all the while still cozy. I knew Casablanca Fan Company would have exactly what we needed to really make a statement in this space because they have so many options to choose from (both indoor and outdoor).

We narrowed our selection down to three gorgeous fans, but ultimately went with the Piston. It was perfect! This damp-rated fan was designed to withstand moisture and humidity which is perfect for Texas living. We were so drawn to its industrial design which pairs so well with the painted brick in our space.

Piston Casablanca modern outdoor ceiling fan with light on modern patio

I wanted us to be able utilize this space both day and night once we spruced it up, so I knew selecting a ceiling fan with a dimmable light was key. The Piston comes with a 17W energy efficient bulb controlled by a remote (so convenient). I truly love that we are able to control the ambiance of this space so we can enjoy our patio after the sun goes down.  

Out with the Old. In with the New

I created a mood board before ordering any of the new pieces for this space, and the Piston from Casablanca Fan Company was the first item to go up. Boy, was I impressed! Installation was easy. Okay, I didn’t install it — my husband did. The instructions were clear and he was able to get it installed within about 30 minutes. Wah-lah! Once it was up, I was starting to see my vision come to life. It’s amazing what an impact a unique ceiling fan can make on a space. We really loved the way the fan looked – from the simple design to the clean lines. It was perfect, modern, and functional.

The Perfect Fit

We went back and forth on the ceiling fan size we needed. The space really isn’t that large, but it’s big enough and definitely needed ample cooling, so I’m glad we went with the 52” Piston, which happened to be the perfect size for our outdoor living space. Besides being the perfect size, the modern industrial style of it perfectly paired with our chic new patio set.

Making Coversation

Since we have a large family and enjoy entertaining I try to create spaces with ample seating while maintaining a cozy feel. We narrowed down the patio set between a few conversation sets, but ultimately picked the Marli Set from The Novogratz. They just released a new outdoor line and they are all so pretty, but the Marli was our favorite. It is so chic and pretty and the modern design of it went perfectly with our new Piston fan. Plus, it really fills out the space so nicely.

It’s All in the Details

I’m all about neutrals, but I totally wanted to step out of my comfort zone with this space. I used some colorful floral pillows alongside very neutral ones to achieve this simple but fun look. I love how swapping out pillows is such an easy and cost-effective way to upgrade your patio (or any space for that matter) each season. We also put a gorgeous geometric charcoal indoor/outdoor rug from Momeni Rugs (we used a 9’X12’) down to cover the concrete. Putting an outdoor rug down was an extremely time- and cost-effective way to spruce up this area because the concrete underneath is far from perfect. I’m a firm believer that a rug makes all the difference when it comes to cozy vibes. Don’t you think?

Brooke M blogger modern industrial patio with rattan seating and boho pillows
Brooke M blogger modern patio planters with flowers on patio with Piston modern ceiling fan

Bring on the Green

I love how greenery instantly adds so much visual impact to a space. One of my favorite parts of this patio renovation was going to our local nursery and selecting plants to bring this space to life. Not to mention, the presence of plants in any space help reduce stress and create a pleasant, tranquil environment. I plan to add some hanging planters with some flowers in them to add a bit more color and a planter box under the window, but for now this greenery will do.

Enjoy the Breeze

We were so excited to put our patio to good use just in time for the holiday weekend. The grill was fired up, the weather was warm, and the cool breeze from our new Piston fan made it even more enjoyable.  The reversible 4-speed Direct Drive™ motor produces a soothing breeze with such elegance that you can’t even hear it. The sleek three blade matte black finish of the fan looks seamless in this space, and the graceful blade movement creates a serene atmosphere. We are so pleased with how quiet the Piston is, in addition, to how perfect it looks in this space.

We are so excited to have created the patio sanctuary of our dreams. I foresee lots of coffee drinking in the morning and wine sipping at night under the twinkle lights and ceiling fan this summer. Texas heat is no joke, so we are happy to have a fully functioning fan over our heads….and as you can see, Pierce is loving the new look too. He loves to play outside, so we are excited to spend these summer days under the covered porch making memories (with the fan on max speed of course).

Cheers to more time spent with friends and family in our beautiful space!

Thanks for stopping by!
Brook M.