How to design your home with Soft Sage

Casablanca Fan Company’s designers developed an exclusive shade of sage green the works effortlessly with a variety of styles from the rustic and washed wood finishes in a farmhouse kitchen to the metallic finishes in a modern bedroom. Easy to decorate with, Soft Sage™ is an alternative neutral that can also serve as a soft pop of color. This subtle color will complement other ocean-inspired hues in coastal rooms or add warmth to Mid-century modern spaces. 

We’ve added this stylish, custom color to one of our most popular fan designs, the Piston contemporary ceiling fan. Here’s how you can design your space with our latest, trendy ceiling fan. 


Keep it simple by adding sage green textiles like pillows, rugs, and blankets. Use a knit throw or sage green patterned pillow in casual spaces. Pillows and furniture cushions in sage green velvet provide a more elegant and luxurious feel. 

Sage green rugs are an easy way to freshen up your space, whether you chose a traditional print or a modern rug with an interesting pattern. 



Interior designers are modernizing kitchen designs by adding subtle pops of color to the cabinets, moving away from floor to ceiling white and grey kitchens. Sage green is the quintessential pop of color to paint kitchen cabinets: It pairs well with other neutrals as well as marble countertops.

Depending on your style, use brass fixtures on it to help brighten up the space or black fixtures to give it a more modern design.

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Keep your textiles neutral and add a splash of color to the walls. Use sage green paint and add texture while painting it to add an earthy feel to modern spaces.

Opt for painting elements like shiplap or molding for a unique way to add the color to your space. Sage green doors and window frames – even crown molding – creates a great statement and shows off your creative spirit.



In the same way that sage green on cabinets can add a pop of color, use sage colored tile for the backsplash instead of traditional white subway tile. It will pop against white or grey cabinets and against marble or concrete countertops.

Highlight a shower with glass doors by adding sage green tiles on the shower floor and pairing it with a concrete style tile or black and white patterned bathroom tile. Using sage green bathroom tiles in a unique shape like hexagon or lantern shaped adds a layer of intrigue.

Ease into the sage green trend by adding a blanket in the soft hue or a Soft Sage ceiling fan like the Piston to your room. Use a clean coat of sage paint on walls in a room or use a sponge for some added texture. Sage is an alternative for white kitchen cabinets and white tiling in bathrooms. Layer different shades of sage if you feel inspired by it.


Valby Mid-Century Modern ceiling fan inspired by the 1950s

The Valby modern ceiling fan is inspired by Mid-Century design elements, from pendant lights to audio equipment. Designer Alex Haggar shares more about the inspiration behind this modern ceiling fan.

I wanted to create a ceiling fan that was truly Mid-Century inspired; something that would believable if it was dropped into a book about 1950s design.

But in the 1950s, ceiling fans were still very traditional. The idea of a modern ceiling fan wasn’t realized or made widely available until the 1980s. So, when designing this Mid-Century inspired ceiling fan, I asked myself, “What would a Danish modern ceiling fan ceiling fan look like? What would an American 1950s modern ceiling fan look like?”

Close up of the Valby mid century modern ceiling fan with light

I was very much inspired by pendant lighting form that era, and the shape of the blades is reminiscent of tapered legs on wooden furniture. Audio equipment from the 60s was also a huge inspiration, as that was another budding Mid-Century industry that was becoming design-focused at the time. The Valby ceiling fan takes elements from a lot of vintage products, but unites them to create something that feels current.

Every detail of Valby has a Mid-Century reference right down to the radial slots on top of the fan that serve as vents for the motor.

The finishes we chose for this fan are finishes that were prevalent in 1950s an 1960s design, but aren’t limited to Mid-Century inspired spaces. The Matte Black and Fresh White finishes are Mid-Century staples that will also work in almost any casual space. The Matte Nickel finish is a little bit more formal, and can be used in spaces with luxe details.

Alex Haggar is an Industrial Designer for Casablanca Fan Company. 

The Valby indoor ceiling fan has a 54-inch blade span, perfect for large spaces like bedrooms, living rooms and offices. It’s available in three finishes with reversible veneer blades that allows you to customize the look of your ceiling fan and space. 


8 New Designs. 1 World-Class Collection.

This unique conglomeration of designs is representative of an array of lifestyles, passions and attitudes.

These pieces are not just ceiling fans – they are centerpieces for any room in your home. Each has been handcrafted thoughtfully, carefully, meticulously. For the 2016 Casablanca Collection, our designers allowed their imaginations to run wild, gathering inspiration from places as far off as the constellations, or as nearby as an orchid in bloom. These fans were designed to serve as a focal point that inspires a room’s entire look and feel.

Casablanca Orchid small modern ceiling fan in a small modern farmhouse living room
Every etch and brush stroke, brimming with human touch, preserves the beautiful imperfections that maintain the authentic detail that went into the original design. We treasure the experience of bringing these designs to life –the initial burst of inspiration, the raw, unfiltered sketches, the vigorous engineering process – making the inside of these fans match the beauty of the outside, and finally, the immeasurable satisfaction that comes from looking at the final product for the very first time.

The 2016 Casablanca Collection is for the bold and the fearless. These ceiling fans can serve as the focal point that inspires a room’s entire look and feel, or they can be the final thought that ties everything together. Whatever the purpose, we are confident that you will find your perfect match for your home here, with Casablanca.

Discover the 2016 Casablanca Collection.