How to Use Outdoor Ceiling Fans Inside Your Home

There are so many wonderful ceiling fan designs out there, so why limit your choices when it comes to decorating your home? Sometimes a little outside-of-the-box thinking is all it takes to give any room in your home the perfect finishing touch.

For example, consider using an outdoor ceiling fan inside your home. A common misconception is that outdoor fans can’t be used indoors, but in fact they can! However, indoor ceiling fans can’t be used outdoors. If you’re going to install or replace your outdoor ceiling fans always make sure it has a damp or wet rating.

There are many ways an outdoor ceiling fan can be used indoors including living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

Living Room

The Orchid is a modern ceiling fan, but with its warm finishes this beauty will still fit perfectly in more traditional spaces. The walnut blades pair well with dark wood furniture while the Pewter Revival finish complements other warm metal accents. At 30 inches, the Orchid is best used in small rooms; however, in larger rooms multiple placements can also get you ideal air movement and peak performance.

The Perseus is a unique ceiling fan inspired by spacecraft design. The Perseus will grace your formal yet modern spaces with its earthy wood blades and Metallic SunSand fan finish.

For a juxtaposition, this new age fan can be placed in large, intricate Victorian inspired rooms to complement other modern furniture elevating your style.


Living in the city, color can be hard to come by. The Piston in Soft Sage is the perfect way to add a pop of color to any modern industrial environment. By accenting the room with other shades of green you can tie everything together for a balanced feel throughout.

Accent walls are also an easy way to incorporate color into a room that may otherwise be dull. The deep green of the accent wall in this particular loft allows the Piston in Soft Sage to “pop” while also subtly contributing to the room’s aesthetic.


An uncommon place to think of installing a ceiling fan, your bathroom may be where your favorite outdoor fan feels most at home indoors. The bathroom is the one room in your home where a damp rating is a must to avoid damage to the ceiling fan.

The Paume wet rated ceiling fan is a chic take on mid-century wicker caned furniture. The reversible blades also allow you to choose between making a statement or a more classic look and feel.

The Matte Black finish complements nearly any type of style but works especially well with other large pieces of black furniture. To make the Matte Black Paume really stand out, place it in a room with white walls and ceilings.


The Aya is a great example of how many different styles this fan design can work with. At the Casablanca x Sarasota Modern event in Sarasota, Florida the Aya was installed in guest rooms on the fourth floor.

Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian furniture, the blades are meant to resemble fine wood shavings as they peel away from the body of the fan.

“I love The simplicity of the Aya fan and will probably be putting this one into my downstairs.”

Jane Ko, A Taste of Koko

When placed in this particular updated mid-century bedroom with a tropical twist, the contemporary Aya completes the simplicity of the furnishings in the room without detracting from the aesthetic.

No matter where you choose to place your favorite outdoor ceiling fan, Casablanca’s unique line of ceiling fans will complement any style in your home. Modern, industrial, farmhouse — You’re sure to find an outdoor ceiling fan that works just as well inside all while adding a design statement that’s sure to spark a conversation.


Duluth engineers effortless industrial and modern design

Mechanical yet modern, Casablanca’s Duluth ceiling fan draws inspiration from an era of factories, locomotives and the original automobile.

This industrial ceiling fan features prominent vintage-inspired rivets that secure the motor to the switch housing cap reminiscent of more modern machinery.

“This fan draws some inspiration from airplanes with the exposed rivets, a lot of times on wings you see exposed screws,” said  Casablanca Designer Alex Haggar, “The bottom of the fan – that cap – is very reminiscent of an engine turbine so in a way that plays into the industrial side but still has a vintage feel.”

Accentuating the industrial details is an unexpected finish for a ceiling fan: galvanized steel.

“Galvanized is typically used as a functional, protective thing,” said Haggar, “Galvanized is typically used on outdoor applications but I think in this case it works as a compliment to the very industrial design.”
Casablanca Duluth industrial ceiling fan in modern industrial living room loft
Keeping the industrial feel but adding a more modern, sleek look, the outdoor version of the Duluth is finished in a fresh white galvanized steel.

“The cool thing about Duluth is it’s a bit of a chameleon because it could fit with a very modern loft but also fit in a more rustic outdoor space. It’s a bit of style chameleon,” said Haggar.

The Duluth is a low maintenance addition to room design, even fitting in spaces with minimal furniture. The fresh white finish is ideal for contemporary spaces while the galvanized steel finish is an effortless addition to an industrial inspired space.

Add the Duluth to your inspired space by finding it at your nearest showroom

For industrial design, the key is utilizing natural elements in the space – exposed beams and brick, for example – and adding vintage details like an antique spotlight and worn textiles similar to the room the Duluth is featured in.

Casablanca Duluth white industrial ceiling fan in a large modern patio
“With vintage industrial it can be overdone,” said Haggar, “It works best when vintage industrial pieces are being used as an accent as opposed to every single piece in the room being vintage industrial.”

We put the galvanized steel Duluth in a room with furniture featuring modern furniture but with a worn-in look. The damp rated fresh white Duluth, however, designers placed in a room with furniture and textiles that play to the contrasting finishes on the contemporary fan.

“The white and black of the fan fits with the contrast you’re seeing with the dark stone paired with these bright white couches and chairs,” said Haggar, “In this instance the galvanized might feel a little out of place. Here the more clean black and white color option plays to a more modern space. “

The Duluth in galvanized steel and fresh white finishes are both available to purchase in a 60 inch size or a 72 inch size, making it the perfect centerpiece for your great rooms and patios.