Our favorite spaces: The updated home gym

The home gym used to be a treadmill in the basement or a spare bedroom that ended up being used more as a clothes hanger. These days people are taking fitness more seriously, creating a space that inspires and encourages a workout that fits them. Whether you have a large home gym or a small exercise nook, here are 5 easy tips for how to design your home gym:

1. Consider your style

No need to settle for an ordinary fitness room; create a stylish home gym that inspires you to push through the pain to achieve your goals! Hunter’s design team suggests a modern look for home gyms that are machinery heavy and a more eclectic, bohemian look for casual home gyms.

Stylish ceiling fans for every room in your home

For modern or industrial style home gyms, we like a simple neutral color palette. The Apache industrial inspired ceiling fan’s exposed hardware complements the utilitarian look of exercise machines. For the yogi’s home gym, use pastel colors to create a zen ambiance and accentuate it with a jute rug, bohemian patterned pillows, and a ceiling fan with rustic finishes like the Brunswick or Coral Bay.

Apache industrial ceiling fan in fitness center

2. Be smart about storage

Especially for small home gyms, you need to take advantage of every nook and cranny you can. Storage benches are a great place to keep yoga mats and weights. Hang jump ropes, headphones, and towels from a coat rack.

Take a bookcase from IKEA, paint it, and add some decorative wallpaper to the back to make stylish, inexpensive shelving for your yoga blocks, weights, gym towels, and shoes. Add storage baskets to keep magazines, books, and even your workout plans.

We’ve made it easy to shop: Explore our curated home gym ceiling fans

3. Add a home gym ceiling fan

No need to overheat during a workout! A home gym ceiling fan will keep you cool during sweaty HIIT sessions.

The way a ceiling fan cools people down makes it perfect for home gyms: Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect that makes you feel cooler, kind of like when you have an open window in a moving car. So while you’re heating up, the fan’s breeze will help you feel cooler.

Symphony smart home ceiling fan in a home gym

Do you have a Hunter fan in your home gym? Share it with us on social media with the hashtag #itsahunter.

Connect your smart ceiling fan like the Symphony to your smart thermostat, and schedule the fan to turn on when the temperature in the room gets too hot. You can also connect it with your smart devices like Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant so you can ask it to turn up the fan without interrupting your workout.

You don’t want to hit your hands on the ceiling fan or ceiling fan blades, so consider your ceiling height along with how far off the ground your treadmill will have or you how high your arms go in jumping jacks. A low profile ceiling fan like the Dempsey hugs close to the ceiling to allow for plenty of head space (and arm space during jumping jacks) while still providing powerful, efficient cooling.

Dempsey flush mount modern ceiling fan in casual home gym

4. Mirror, mirror on the wall

You need mirrors to make sure you’re maintaining proper form during your strength training exercises or cardio barre workout. Invest in one large mirror to have installed on your wall, or if you need a more economical solution buy a few full length mirrors (you can usually find them for between $15-40 to hang yourself).

5. Keep cleaning supplies close

Breaking a sweat during a workout is gratifying, but the bacteria on the machines and mats from that sweat isn’t so much. That’s why it’s important to keep cleaning supplies handy in your home gym.

For the machines, Merry Maids suggests combining equal parts water and distilled vinegar into a spray bottle and use with a microfiber cloth. They recommend using warm water and a couple drops of dish soap to wipe down weights and yoga mats (add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your yoga mat cleaning solution for a touch of zen).

Tips for cleaning your ceiling fan

Our favorite spaces: The family game room

The family that plays together stays together. A game room is the perfect space for playing board games with your kids or hosting parties. With all the people in the space and the heated game night competition, consider a game room ceiling fan to keep things cool.

We offer a variety of stylish ceiling fans to cool down the competitive egos while giving your game room flair.

For the techy game room: the Apache smart home ceiling fan

The Apache Wi-Fi enabled ceiling fan has a handsome, modern industrial look that works well in large indoor game rooms. The rustic finishes and exposed hardware on this ceiling fan will complement other masculine design details in the game room like leather slingback chairs and decorative detailing on drawers. Install this ceiling fan with LED light above a pool table or poker table as a focal point and to keep the room bright. The Apache is one of our SIMPLEconnect™ smart home ceiling fans, meaning it works with smart home applications like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and the Google Assistant. So you can ask your smart device to turn on the game room ceiling fan while it checks challenged words during a game of Scrabble.

Apache industrial game room ceiling fan in a mid century game room

Apache industrial game room ceiling fan in a mid century game room

Find a Hunter ceiling fan for any room in your home

For outdoor game rooms: the Cassius outdoor ceiling fan

For outdoor game nights or cookbook parties, try the Cassius modern ceiling fan. This ceiling fan without light is damp rated, meaning it’s been engineered to withstand the elements endured in a covered patio. An outdoor ceiling fan like Cassius gives a cool breeze on cue while also keeping the bugs away. The white ceiling fan works with modern designed outdoor game rooms while the black finish fits with farmhouse game room patios.

Cassius modern outdoor ceiling fan without light by Hunter

See the Cassius modern ceiling fan’s appearance on HGTV’s Fixer Upper

For tiki themed game rooms: the Bayview tropical ceiling fan

A bamboo bar, tiki masks, and the Bayview tropical ceiling fan complete the look of an island inspired game room. The Bayview’s decorative palm leaf blades will get you in the mood to relax and unwind with a mai tai (drink umbrella optional). Use this tropical ceiling fan to keep a cool breeze in the summer; reverse the ceiling fan direction to keep things warm and reminiscent of tropical weather in the winter. This ceiling fan is also damp rated, so you can use it in your outdoor game rooms as well.

Bayview outdoor tropical ceiling fan by Hunter

For casual, clean game rooms: the Sentinel casual ceiling fan

The Sentinel’s simple lines and crisp finishes adds a statement to game rooms without being overpowering. Play darts with one hand while using the other to control the ceiling fan speed and dimmable LED light with the included handheld remote. The Sentinel comes in 52-inch and 60-inch blade spans, making it a perfect fit for large basement game rooms or open concept spaces.

Sentinel casual ceiling fan with LED light by Hunter

For modern game rooms: the Vault caged ceiling fan

Make a statement in your game room with the Vault caged ceiling fan. The wraparound cage disguises the ceiling fan blades while adding a playful element to the Vault’s modern design. We love the brass cage as a pop of color in a minimalist game room. The metallic detailing also plays well with color on the pool table or game machines in your retro inspired game room. Need additional light in your space? Add the Vault accessory light fixture to light up game night.

Vault modern caged ceiling fan with light by Hunter


Along with a game room ceiling fan make sure you’re also considering other design elements in the room. Use cabinets and storage benches to organize board games and movies. For movie buffs, consider a big screen TV for the media center or even a projector. Add to the vintage vibe of mid-century modern game rooms by adding an old school video game like Pac-Man or a retro pinball machine.

Shop ceiling fans for your game room and the other rooms in your home.

Decorating your home with “greenery”

It’s pretty clear what our favorite color is here at Hunter (hint: have you seen our logo?), so we’re big fans of Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery. From plants to pillows, greenery is a color that will freshen up and renew the style of your room.


The easiest and least expensive way to redo a space is to change out the textiles. Green pillows with texture or pattern adds dimension to your space. Add a window valance in green or use curtains with a green trim to add a pop of color to a plain window.

Bennett transitional ceiling fan in eclectic living room


A pop of color and a ceiling fan can transform a room


Don’t necessarily paint your entire room green (although if you’re confident enough to do it, go for it!). Start by painting an accent trim in green, like the trim around your window. Add a pop of green in the trim of farmhouse style living rooms and laundry rooms.

Classic scandinavian interior design green with sofa and pillows. 3D render illustration mock up


Hunter Fan’s designers played with color on the Cranbrook modern ceiling fan



What’s greener than greenery?

Buy faux moss balls from the craft store or make your own to add to decorative vases and bowls.

Pick up a few plants at your local nursery to add color to your beige office space or put a plant in your living room to brighten the space up. Terracotta planters are a trendy yet casual way to display your plants. Don’t have a green thumb? Try low maintenance plants like succulents or Mother-in-Law’s Tongue (yes, that’s a real plant name).

Modern white interior with black sofa for Hunter Fan Company blog



Like with the textiles and paint, utilizing green furniture in your space should be used as an accent to provide a pop of color.

The soft lines in mid-century modern design balances the bold green color well. Use a green patterned sofa if you’re feeling daring, but keep everything else in the room simple. Refinish coffee table legs in green for a quick furniture update.

Advocate modern wifi ceiling fan in city loft

While you’re updating your home decor, check out Hunter Fan’s newest ceiling fans to freshen up your space.

Our favorite spaces: The modern laundry room

The modern laundry room is more than just a hot, damp closet. Laundry rooms can be efficient workspaces with plenty of storage, and a little bit of style. Whether you have a big family, or just an always-into-something toddler, odd are you’re spending a lot of time in this room. Why not make the laundry room a space that’s comfortable and an extension of the rest of your home?

Here are five quick and easy laundry room ideas to refresh your space.

Add a laundry room ceiling fan

Keep cool while the washing and drying machines are running. A ceiling fan with light for the laundry room gives off a cool breeze as well as illuminates the room while you work. The Wingate rustic ceiling fan is great for farmhouse laundry rooms, and the Dempsey ceiling fan collection fits with casual and modern laundry rooms.

Shop laundry room ceiling fans by Hunter

Hunter Wingate rustic ceiling fan in farmhouse laundry room with front loading washing machines


A low profile ceiling fan is great for small laundry rooms without a lot of ceiling space. A fan that hugs close to the ceiling gives you plenty of headspace while keeping you cool and providing ample light. A hugger ceiling fan is a perfect option if your ceilings are 8 feet or lower. We love how Diana Elizabeth used the low profile Cranbrook modern ceiling fan in her small laundry room.

Hunter mint Cranbrook modern ceiling fan in rustic laundry room by Diana Elizabeth Photography

Read more on how the Cranbrook design and its mint color came to be

When you install a laundry room ceiling fan, make sure the tip of the ceiling fan blades are at least 18 inches away from walls and cabinets. You want to avoid hitting the ceiling fan when you open the doors.

Front loading laundry machines

Front loading washing and drying machines give you design flexibility: You can stack them to save floor space or place them side by side and top off with a counter for convenient clothes folding.

If you chose the side-by-side option, you can also purchase pedestals to pair with your front-loading machines. The pedestals allow for extra storage space as well as raising the machines higher to make them easier to access. The pedestals are typically available for newer model washer and dryer units.

Find more design inspiration at the Hunter blog

Maybeck craftsman ceiling fan in bohemian laundry room by Hunter Fan Company

Countertops on top of the machines

Laundry room countertops over the washer and dryer units make for a convenient work surface when you’re taking clothes out of the drying machine. A countertop also helps prevent items from falling in between or behind the machines.

Waterfall countertops are a modern approach, but the material can vary depending on your style. Farmhouse and casual laundry rooms call for stained wood countertops, while white or black countertops complement modern laundry rooms.

Plenty of shelving

Small laundry rooms allow you to be creative with your storage. Find unused corners to add shelving and use wall space for wire baskets instead of wall art.

Open shelves let you display stylish storage baskets while keeping laundry supplies within reach and easily accessible. Wire baskets are trendy and let you see what’s inside. They also serves as a great way to showcase vintage finds, family photos, and artwork to personalize the space.

Closed cabinetry hides the clutter. For farmhouse style laundry rooms, go for matte black door handles and pulls. Try warm metals for more modern laundry rooms. Consider corner shelving to make use of space that might have otherwise been wasted.

Use shelves and cabinets that are higher up to keep cleaning supplies out of reach of young children.

Textures and textiles

Couple rustic wood countertops with subway tile on the wall. A subway tile backsplash is easy to clean. White grout makes the room look bigger but a darker grout doesn’t show dirt as easily.

Laundry room rugs add personality as well as comfort while you’re standing folding laundry and moving clothes from the washer to the dryer. Vintage distressed or jute rugs are casual yet modern in farmhouse inspired spaces. Southwestern inspired rugs are a unique touch in mid-century modern inspired laundry rooms.

Feeling bold? Add a patterned tile to the laundry room. Black and white patterned tiles are classic, while a pop of blue adds interest.

Ceiling fans add a designer touch to any room

With the addition of new styles and functionality, designer ceiling fans are becoming a focal point for any space.

Fans have graced the ceilings of sunrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms for some time. But the latest designer ceiling fan styles do more than just cool; they add a designer touch to any space. Here are a few favorite styles—and some advice on where to try them.

If you need: A pop of color
Try: Cranbook modern ceiling fan
Works great: in kids rooms, arts and crafts rooms, kitchens

Functional and fun, Cranbrook – especially in mint – is reminiscent of something you’d see in an old-fashioned ice cream parlor. Yet its blonde oak mid-century inspired blades give it a contemporary edge. The low-profile housing is designed to work well in rooms with lower ceilings and in smaller spaces.

Find all of these styles (and more!) at

Cranbrook mid century modern ceiling fan in bedroom


If you need: A finishing touch for eclectic interiors
Try: Bennett transitional ceiling fan
Works great: In any room!

Bennett may have a traditional form, but it’s far from boring. The matte black finish includes a smoked glass globe for a touch of sophistication. If your aesthetic of choice calls for bold color or a mixture of furniture styles, this unassuming-yet-elegant fan is likely to fit right into the mix. Bonus: This ceiling fan comes in two different mounting systems to accommodate high ceilings and lower ceilings.

Bennett transitional ceiling fan in eclectic living room


If you need: To highlight vaulted ceilings
Try: Ronan caged ceiling fan
Works great: In the great room, living room or bedroom

Sporting minimalist looks with just a slight bit of shine, Ronan feels like the “it girl” of ceiling fans. This style feels at home in almost any space, whether your design aesthetic leans toward farmhouse, zen or cottage. The sophistication of the brushed gold cage adds a hint of glamour to any space.

Ronan caged ceiling fan featured in Elevate New York loft

If you need: A cool breeze on cue
Try: Mill Valley modern farmhouse ceiling fan
Works great: In living rooms as well as covered patios and porches

The Mill Valley is damp rated, meaning it can withstand the elements on your covered porches and patios but still look beautiful in indoor spaces like living rooms and kitchens. With the pendant inspired body and rustic ceiling fan blade finishes, the Mill Valley ceiling fan fits in rooms with farmhouse and rustic decor.

Huntervention with farmhouse patio and pendant light inspired ceiling fan


If you need: A stunning finish to your casual space
Try: Maybeck casual ceiling fan
Works great: Mudrooms, dining rooms, game rooms

Inspired by Mission craftsmanship, the Maybeck ceiling fan fits naturally with bungalow architecture. The Maybeck’s casual finishes play well with the warm tones of leather furniture and wood planked floors. This fan’s gorgeous light fixture makes it a chic addition to a room needing a touch of drama.

Maybeck craftsman inspired ceiling fan in open concept living room

5 Simple Ways to Update Your Patio for Spring 2018

Spring is blooming, which means it’s time for a patio refresh! Here are five simple ways to get your patio spring ready.

1. Outdoor pillows and rugs

Outdoor pillows and rugs are a great way to incorporate accent colors and give personality to your space. Like your indoor spaces, pillows and rugs can change the look of your patio, plus they’re a fairly inexpensive update. Outdoor pillows and rugs are made to withstand the weather and dirt, which are many reasons people like to use outdoor rugs in kitchens and laundry rooms.

Huntervention with farmhouse pillows and rugs plus rocking chairs

2. Outdoor ceiling fan

Carry your interior decor to your patio with an outdoor fan from Hunter. With many styles including: farmhouse, industrial, modern and more- you can create a space that fits your stylish needs. Below are some of our top outdoor ceiling fan picks!

The Mill Valley outdoor ceiling fan is great for a casual farmhouse patio! The Barn Red finish is the perfect addition to add for a fresh look.

Red Mill Valley pendant inspired ceiling fan on farmhouse porch

We love the Ocala outdoor ceiling fan, because it’s versatile with many styles. Pair it with bright coastal colors for a beach look. Or make it industrial with metals and darker colors. You can’t go wrong with the Ocala!

The Dempsey outdoor ceiling fan is our top pick for your modern home. The clean finish will keep your outdoor space looking sleek.

Keep in mind outdoor ceiling fans are have great functional features too, including:

  • Keeps a refreshing breeze going
  • Keeps bugs away from your food
  • Select an outdoor ceiling fan with a light for your main lighting source

While you’re here, check out the Cassius outdoor ceiling fan that was featured on HGTV’s Fixer Upper.

Shop ceiling fans for covered porches and outdoor pergolas

3. Lounge seating area

Lounge seating is a very important part of your patio. This is where guests will sit, kids will jump, and wine may be spilled. Whether you’re throwing a party or unwinding after a long day, having comfortable lounge seating is a must! In our opinion, this is our favorite place to sit and read a book.

Ocala rustic ceiling fan by Hunter Fan Company on a covered patio

4. String lights

Fun and festive is what you’ll want when you have patio parties. Adding string lighting around your patio will emphasize just how fun you are.

5. Add a fire pit

Though fire pits may be a larger investment for some people, they usually last a long time and will be the center piece at your party. Fire pits are a hit at any party and can easily compliment your décor and lighting (plus, we like the excuse to make s’mores). There are many different types of fire pits to choose from, so you will want to look at all of your options to select the one that meets you’re functional and décor needs.
Be sure to tag us using #itsaHunter to show us your patio refresh.

Group Of Friends Enjoying Evening Drinks By Firepit


Stylish ceiling fans for every room

Calling all interior design lovers! A ceiling fan is not only a practical solution – it might be the piece of personality your space needs. Here are five unexpected spaces where a fan adds function and form.

1. Porch

You can’t exactly cue a cool breeze on a warm day—or can you? Having outdoor fans on the porch or a covered patio is a welcome addition when it’s otherwise uncomfortable to be outside. The classic look of the Brunswick rustic ceiling fan works well with traditional aesthetics of outside gathering spaces.

Find a ceiling fan for any room in your home at

Find the perfect ceiling fan for every room in your home

2. Game Room

When the competition gets fierce, you might need things to cool down. From an intense video game showdown or a healthy match of foosball, the Signal or Symphony Wi-Fi ceiling fans will look and feel cool in a game room. Bonus points: You can control them with your smart devices like Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant.

Signal wifi ceiling fan in casual game room


Explore Hunter SIMPLEconnect smart home ceiling fans

3. Nursery

Bring a new baby into the world and into a beautiful nursery. A chandelier inspired ceiling fan like the white Hepburn or Ronan with matte brass detailing is the perfect finishing touch. Having a ceiling fan in the nursery will also keep you comfortable while you’re rocking the baby to sleep.

Crib, rocking chair, ceiling fan: Getting your baby room ready

4. Kitchen

From baking muffins to cooking pot roast, the kitchen gets toasty quick. Keep the room cool with a ceiling fan like the Donegan rustic ceiling fan. It has finishes that will complement your kitchenware. The lighting is great for when you’re reading recipes or the kids are doing homework at the breakfast bar.

Donegan rustic ceiling fan by Hunter Fan Company

5. Keeping Room

The newest must-have room is a cozy sitting room right off of the kitchen. Since things can really heat up, air circulation is a must. The mint green Cranbrook modern ceiling fan feels happy and adds a pop of color to the space. The soft modern form also ties in effortlessly with the clean lines in a kitchen.


Cranrbook Scandinavian modern ceiling fan by Hunter Fan Company


Cassius modern ceiling fan on HGTV Fixer Upper

Cassius modern ceiling fan by Hunter Fan CompanySmall space; big design opportunity: The Cassius modern ceiling fan was featured on a recent episode of HGTV’s Fixer Upper when the son of metal artist and Fixer Upper regular Jimmy Don sought out the help of the Gaines to renovate a small house in Crawford, Texas.

Shop the Cassius modern ceiling fan to find the perfect fix for your room refresh!

Chip and Joanna Gaines transformed the barn-like structure into a modern masterpiece. Inside, Joanna decorated with rustic finishes and textiles coupled with modern design elements with sleek lines, giving the home a clean industrial look. It’s the perfect fit for the Cassius ceiling fan, which features clean lines for a masculine, modern aesthetic and industrial inspired touches like the buttons on the blade irons and exposed hardware.

Cassius black ceiling fan by Hunter Fan Company in casual covered patio

The Cassius’s simple design easily ties into hardware and color accents around your space. The dark finish on the Cassius the Gaines’s used complemented the other dark finishes in the bedroom, like the metal bed frame and dark accents in the textiles. To have a ceiling fan seem more integrated with the ceiling, the Cassius white ceiling fan finish would be a good choice.

The Fixer Upper bedroom transformation featured vaulted ceilings for an open feel, but with tall ceilings comes the need for a ceiling fan to keep people cool in the summer. They also added big windows to let in lots of natural light as well as canned lights to provide amble light, so this modern ceiling fan without light is perfect for this space.

This Fixer Upper episode is a perfect example of how outdoor ceiling fans can easily be used in indoor spaces, too. The Cassius 52-inch ceiling fan is damp-rated, meaning it will hold up to the environmental elements in covered porches and patios. You can also use outdoor ceiling fans like the Cassius in your indoor spaces as well, like bedrooms, garages, home offices and rec rooms.

The Cassius is available in four finishes, and all four finishes come with reversible blades. Choose the matching blade finish for a tonal, modern look, or choose the side with a soft wood tone to add a rustic look for your farmhouse style spaces.

This versatile ceiling fan features WhisperWind® motor technology for powerful yet quiet air performance. Installing it to a vaulted ceiling like the Gaines? You might need an angled ceiling adapter and extension downrod, which you can explore in our ceiling fan accessories.

Be sure to catch the episode re-run and be on the lookout for the Cassius ceiling fan!

Cassius modern ceiling fan with rustic blades by Hunter Fan Company

Cassius white ceiling fan without light by Hunter Fan Company

Cassius outdoor ceiling fan without light in covered patio



How to achieve farmhouse style in your home

Hunter Fan Company Designer Patrick O'Connell Our dining room table has a rustic finish, so no matter how wild my kids are being, it’s predistressed; I don’t have to worry about them scratching the wood or leaving fingerprint behind.

I think that’s part of the appeal of farmhouse design: It’s low maintenance. You don’t have to overanalyze your child’s behavior with rustic décor.

Modern farmhouse design also the perfect blend of a lot of trends: rustic, industrial and modern. The rustic and distressed finishes pair beautifully with the dark ironwork and exposed hardware of industrial, while the sleek lines of modern design gives it a touch of elegance.

Farmhouse is also about more than family-friendly décor; it’s about family as a whole. It embraces easy living lifestyle where families are in the center and you’re spending time with each other, that’s why you’re seeing more and more open concept spaces associated with farmhouse design.

So how do you achieve this modern farmhouse look? My design team and I have some ideas.

Patrick O’Connell is the Design Director for Hunter Fan Company.



It’s definitely evolved and definitely fitting what people want to do where each room is not necessarily purposed for what it’s supposed to do. The kitchen is a gathering space, it’s an office, it’s where kids do their homework.
Christine Holmes, Designer




Every farmhouse kitchen has subway tile. It’s timeless and classic, but can lend itself to modern design elements. It’s also easy to clean, so it goes back to the idea that family friendly idea of farmhouse style.
Claire McRoberts, Designer

Kitchen sink


Porches, especially wrap around porches, are an integral part of farmhouse architecture. We have some farmhouse ceiling fans with rustic finishes that are damp rated for patios that would look perfect on these porches while keeping everyone cool.



Joanna Gaines has us obsessed with shiplap! (I wonder if we can put shiplap on a fan…) Whether it’s a floor, a wall, a ceiling, you’ve got to have wood paneling for the farmhouse look.


Black window trim and metal railings offer a modern twist on farmhouse décor. It gives stairwells with traditional shiplap walls and rustic flooring a sleek modern yet industrial touch.

Spiral staircase in an old house


Girl drinking hot tea and reading book in bed

Hygge: Unfussy and uncluttered design for your space

Pinterest identified Hygge as one of the rising trends in 2017. So what exactly is Hygge other than a word that’s tricky to pronounce? (It’s pronounced HUE-gah, by the way.)

The Danish word doesn’t have an exact translation, but it’s used to convey a feeling of coziness and peacefulness. We have some tips on how to achieve the effortless design in your home.


What’s more relaxing than the beach? Imagine the ocean view and bring those colors into your home. Warm, Nordic blues with hints of light greys and taupe will inspire calm and create an oasis to escape a stressful world.

We not only love this color palate on textiles and paint, but try a seaglass inspired backsplash or inky swirled coloring on dishes.


Pairing ocean-inspired colors with subtle nautical prints only seems fitting. While you might not live beachside, coastal patterns and stripes imply a sense of relaxation as if you were there.

Delicate botanicals in those same relaxing hues also add a pop of pattern to your Hygge inspired room. Think small airy blooms and scrolling vines.


How many hours do we spend looking at a computer screen or typing on our phones? Trade tech for textures: Add finishes and textiles in your home that are calming to look at or are soothing to touch.

Satin copper, gentle burnished steel, soft oxidization – add pops of soft worn metals around your room. Rustic woods like a toasted oak or subtle white wash are stylish yet sensory surfaces that will lighten up your space.

Hunter Fan Company Apache rustic ceiling fan for smart home


The ultimate definition of cozy includes soft knits and even velvet (yes, velvet – we hear it’s making a comeback). Utilitarian fabrics, while they don’t always come off as cozy as knits, can convey an unfussy and uncluttered feel with clean lines for an airy industrial look.

Woven tiling and loose weaves in blankets resemble netting and can be a unique yet casual texture to apply in your space.