Chandelier inspired sophistication: Designing the Sophia

Chandeliers have been a common choice for a room’s centerpiece, but a glamorous ceiling fan inspired by chandeliers could hang with the big kids. And we know just the ceiling fan.

“I was really interested in the large chandeliers that have the Edison bulbs in them,” said Hunter Fan Designer Christine Holmes about designing the Sophia, “I liked the presence of those large chandeliers so I wanted to capture that in a ceiling fan.”

While the designers create initial sketches with paper, pencil and Pantone markers, they later collaborate with engineers to determine how the insides – motor, wires, receivers, all that mechanics – could work while still maintaining the integrity of the designer’s initial sketch. Once engineers provide their mechanical drawing, Hunter Fan’s design team starts sketching over that. It’s during this process that the design often goes through tweaks and variations.

“It’s helpful to have an idea of where the motor is going to be, where the switch housing is going to be, where the blades are going to be and how they’re going to attach to the motor while you’re sketching. It makes it just a little bit easier when you go to the computer and sketch it three dimensionally,” said Holmes.

Sophia chandelier ceiling fan with sketch

Add a touch of glamour to your living room or bedroom! The Sophia is now available

The showstopper of this sophisticated ceiling fan is the light fixture: Stunning seeded glass encases an intricate chandelier inspired light fixture.

“The light kit inside is very beautifully treated. If the glass was missing, it would probably look okay because everything is finished correctly, there’s these beautiful little T6 LED lights inside of it so when you look at it, all of the details have been taken care of, and I feel really proud of that.”


A blend of casual and polished detailing gives the Sophia an artistic and unique look that makes it versatile for interior design.

“I would put it in some of these new rooms you’re seeing with the tone-on-tone, the grey tones, even a room that has some of the distressed wood. One of the things that’s really nice about this fan is we put an ombre finish on the blades. We’re seeing that on furniture,” said Holmes.

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Polished nickel finishes, premium carved wood blades, beautiful glass with a striking chandelier-inspired light fixture – it’s no wonder the Sophia is part of Hunter’s Masterpiece Collection. It’s sure to be the highlight of any room in your home.