Contemporary Ceiling Fans Style Guide

When you think “contemporary ceiling fans” several descriptive words pop into your stylish mind like…

When you think “contemporary ceiling fans” several descriptive words pop into your stylish mind like . . .

  • Sleek
  • Minimalist
  • Angular
  • Natural

But what does that mean in a ceiling fan, you ask? Let’s take a look at those descriptors and turn words into pictures into the perfect finishing touch on your space.

Style Guide For Contemporary Ceiling Fans


Sleek in interior design usually means clean lines and cool, neutral colors. But Shelley Little at Freshome points out that “sleek” goes further than just aesthetics and incorporates a higher level of sophistication…

“We can’t escape it—cords, iPads, iPhones, tablets, chargers— there is no better way to ruin an elegant design than by cluttering it with all these tech devices . . . How do you maintain elegance with all these extraneous wires and cord clutter? By making your home as tech-savvy and sleek as possible. Home builders are jumping on the tech bandwagon by designing homes that have it all: smart automation, energy efficiency, built-in charging stations, virtual climate control, virtual security…essentially enabling everything in the home to be controlled from anywhere with the tap of a button.”

By those standards, Hunter’s new Wi-Fi enabled fans are the only ceiling fans on the market which qualify as “sleek”. They are the first to integrate with Apple HomeKit. That means you can control your fan from anywhere.

Hunter Fan Company Apache smart home ceiling fan


“Skip the detailing and opt for clean lines” says WhoWhatWear’s Nicole Kliest in her recent description of contemporary fashion design.

Minimalist ceiling fans are simple, understated and pared down, focusing on natural shapes, removing anything that isn’t absolutely necessary. Minimalist fans appear to have fewer parts and a seamless design which flows easily from section to section. The Hunter Sonic is a good example of a minimalist. There are no blade connectors; they project right from the base. And the light rounds out the base not as a separate part, but as a completion of it.


“There’s nothing like sharp, drastic lines and unexpected angles to attract attention to a modern home,” say the good folks at weburbanist. “While most home designs use only ninety degree angles on all corners inside and out, these designers keep your eyes on edge by moving beyond the standard right angle and embracing the power of its obtuse and acute alternatives.”

Angular ceiling fans are, you might have guessed, low on curves, striking a bold figure in the focal point of your room. Check out the Morelli – 52” for a great angular ceiling fan, making use of sharp lines and obtuse angles.

Hunter Fan Company Leoni modern ceiling fan


“Right now a contemporary home might incorporate large windows, unique or odd shapes, open plan and harmony with the surrounding landscape. The finishes would use a lot of natural elements such as fir or cedar and stone,” says Leah Rourke of Relish Interiors. “The finishing details and furniture are in-ornate and use clean lines. Comfort and sustainability are key values that are important in a contemporary home.”

Contrasting with the cool, sleek look is the trend toward the natural, organic side featuring warmer tones, found in ceiling fans like the Windspan. The uniquely shaped coffee beech composite blades are mounted to a brushed nickel base. The triangular light cover adds a touch of style to this contemporary ceiling fan.


John Hunter invented the ceiling fan over 120 years ago, but that doesn’t mean we’re stuck in a Charles Dickens novel. Quite the contrary. Hunter combines 19th century craftsmanship with 21st century design and technology to create ceiling fans of unmatched quality, style, and whisper-quiet performance. We continue to lead the way with fresh design and innovation, including the first-ever, award-winning Apple HomeKit enabled fans.