Don’t judge a fan by its size

Small in size but big in air movement: The 34-inch Watson has been around since 2012, but for 2016 we’re introducing this classic ceiling fan in a fresh finish. 

Don’t judge a fan by its size: The Watson may be small but packs a punch!

“When we first made it, we were just trying to get a fan for small spaces, and when we first saw it, it’s just the perfect fan for that,” said Hunter Fan’s Product Manager Ben Stout.

The 34-inch Watson first appeared in the 2012 collection. Stout and the Hunter Fan Design Team created the design playing with proportion: Little fan body, big paddle blades.

They were blown away with what happened next.

“The funniest thing about it is when we hung this in the Dallas lighting showroom as a part of our new collection in 2012, I remember we turned it on and it was like a tornado,” said Stout, “It moved so much air.”

Four years later the fan is still a staple, so we made it in a fresh finish for 2016: Brushed nickel.

“Brushed nickel adds a new dimension and a new opportunity for this small room fan,” said Hunter Fan Designer Christine Holmes.

When deciding what new finish to add to the Watson family, Holmes and the design team looked at the top five hardware finishes. They found brushed nickel is on a lot of cabinet and drawer pulls, so it was a natural fit for this classic ceiling fan.

“I remember we turned it on and it was like a tornado.” – Ben Stout

“It was an obvious addition to the assortment because it’s such a popular finish,” said Holmes, “It’s a good neutral finish, and it fits with other colors.”

Whether for your small bedrooms, living rooms or even laundry rooms, the new brushed nickel finish will fit effortlessly with the rest of your décor. Don’t be fooled by its small stature: It will keep you cool with all the air it moves while maintaining whisper-quiet performance.

Between the style and performance, you won’t regret buying the Watson.

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