Five Benefits of Sleeping with a Ceiling Fan

Your sleep patterns can hinder or improve multiple areas in your life. Sleeping with a ceiling fan has proven to have several benefits that can change how you live.

Here at Hunter we understand the importance of a good-night sleep and how temperature can have a huge effect on this. Poor sleep can contribute to a variety of issues including weight gain, lack of productivity and concentration, increased risk of heart disease, increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, depression, suppressed immune system, and more. No need to gamble with these risks – just improve your sleep habits! Luckily, we have ideas to help you sleep deeper for longer amounts of time. Ceiling fans have been proven to result in better, deeper sleep. Here are the top five benefits of sleeping with a fan!

1. Air Circulation

Our fans move a lot of air. Air circulation is good for your home whether you are sleeping or moving throughout your day. Clean air circulation helps prevent mold and stuffiness and can remove odors and airborne irritants from the home. For those that are asthmatic – the removal of irritants can greatly help control symptoms. Ceiling fans can keep the air moving resulting in better sleep conditions and improved breathing.

Tip: If you go periods of time without turning on your ceiling fan – be sure to clean it regularly. We recommend cleaning your fan every few weeks. For tips on how to clean your ceiling fan, check out this blog!

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2. White Noise

Another reason ceiling fans can aid in a healthy night’s sleep is because of the white noise. The constant, subtle noise can be soothing for many people. Although our WhisperWind® motors are incredibly quiet, the fan blade movement still provides a calming ‘white noise’ effect. Depending on the environment and location of your home, white noise can also help drown out distracting noises coming from outside the house.

3. Temperature Control

No one likes a hot room – especially at night. The National Sleep Foundation reported that most sleep experts say that the perfect room temperature for sleeping is 65 degrees.

“During the course of a normal day, your body temperature rises and falls slightly. This pattern is tied to your sleep cycle. As you become drowsy, your temperature goes down, reaches its lowest level around 5:00 a.m., and climbs slightly as morning begins. This is why the air in your room can affect the quality of your sleep: if it’s too hot, it may interfere with your body’s natural dip and make you more restless through the night.”

-National Sleep Foundation

Constant , comfortable air temperature allows for steady body temperature levels. OF COURSE,  one of the best ways to encourage this is with a ceiling fan. We’ve mentioned previously the addition of a fan aiding in bill control – now you know how it can aid in temperature control!

4. Saves Money

We cannot change the temperature outside, but we can control the temperature inside. Unfortunately, during the warmer months it takes more energy to cool a house – resulting in higher bills. Ceiling fans are one of the most cost-efficient ways to cool your home. Don’t make your central air system work overtime – just turn on your ceiling fan to keep the house cool and keep your bill low.

5. Better Sleep

Healthy air circulation, white noise, temperature control, and lowered electricity bills are all reasons why sleeping with a ceiling fan can be at your advantage. These things also contribute to better sleep which aids in better overall health. Healthy sleeping habits have the ability to make you more productive throughout your day, support your immune system, maintain (or even lose) weight, and keep your risk of diseases low.

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We care about your health because we care about your sleep. Give your body the care and rest that it deserves. Check out some of our favorite bedroom fans or our tips for transforming your bedroom. Be one step closer to the sleep you deserve and the rest that you need!