In part one of our buying guide series, you learned to figure out what size ceiling fan you should be looking to buy as well as if the fan is an outdoor fan or indoor fan. In this installment we’ll be starting with step 4 by talking about the looks of your ceiling fan. Style is always a big consideration when choosing the right ceiling fan for you.

Step 4: Considering the style of your ceiling fan

A ceiling fan is more than just a functional appliance: It's a reflection of your style! Use your room’s furniture and finishes as inspiration while you shop for your stylish ceiling fan. Or start with the ceiling fan first: Once you start to see the options out there you might fall in love with a fan and want to build the room around it.

Hunter offers a variety of styles to complement your home décor including updated farmhouse, soft modern, and rustic coastal.  We offer reversible blade finishes so you can change up your fan with the seasons, or if you decide to paint the room another color. You have options! For some of our ceiling fans you can even order additional blades that match your style.


Rustic ceiling fans

Our rustic ceiling fans look anything but old. Their designs are at home in rooms with coastal or farmhouse design. Weathered and spalted wood blade finishes complement the worn-in look of rustic furniture finishes. A bronze or black ceiling fan will go with dark cabinet pulls in modern bohemian spaces while brushed nickel ceiling fans will create cohesiveness with other clean, nickel fixtures in your room. Special touches like Edison bulbs can give you the vintage vibe you need in your rustic rooms.

Transitional ceiling fans

Modern and traditional designs meet in the middle for a transitional ceiling fan with global appeal. You might say they are the chameleon of ceiling fans: Modern yet friendly forms with classic, updated finishes. The Bennett Collection and Signal SIMPLEconnect™ WiFi ceiling fans are popular examples of transitional ceiling fans.

Modern ceiling fans

 Clean lines and rounded edges are quintessential of modern ceiling fan design. Warm, worn leather chairs and light natural wood finishes gives modern design an inviting look. Use pastel colors like mint and blush for a soft modern aesthetic or add bold pops of color for a Scandinavian inspired modern design.

Nautical ceiling fans

Lantern inspired light fixtures and bright finishes bring a nautical feel to your porches and indoor seaside inspired spaces. Lantern and caged ceiling fans complement other lantern inspired sconces. Bronze and white ceiling fans coordinate with furniture and bright textiles in nautical décor.


Step 5: Choosing ceiling fan finish options

From basic to bold, Hunter offers a variety of ceiling fan finishes and blade finishes to customize the look of your fan to fit your room’s style. Many of our fans come with reversible ceiling fan blades in matte, rustic, and traditional wood inspired finishes so you can customize the look of your ceiling fan.

White ceiling fan finish

For a clean look that doesn’t draw too much attention to your ceiling, a white ceiling fan will be perfect for you. Many of our classic, rustic, and modern white ceiling fans come with reversible blades if you’re looking to add a subtle statement.


Black ceiling fan finish

Modern and sleek, black is a color that works well in a number of different spaces and blade finishes. You can achieve a farmhouse look with an iron black finish, or an ultra-modern look with a sleek satin black with black blades.

Nickel ceiling fan finish

Many of the fixtures in rooms – kitchen faucets, drawer pulls, table legs – are nickel. Coordinate with the hardware in your rooms by going with a brushed nickel ceiling fan, matte nickel ceiling fan, or satin nickel ceiling fan.

Bronze ceiling fan finish

Bronze is a very versatile finish. It works well in a traditional or contemporary space, and also complements various wood finishes. A deep bronze finish can be applied to a variety of ceiling fan designs for a unique look, from rustic ceiling fans to modern ceiling fans.


Brass ceiling fan finish

For a clean look that doesn’t draw too much attention to your ceiling, a white ceiling fan will be perfect for you. Many of our classic, rustic, and modern white ceiling fans come with reversible blades if you’re looking to add a subtle statement.

You’ve cultivated your own style, and we have a wide range of styles and finishes that will work within your space. The hard part is narrowing down your choices. 

Part 1 and part 2 of our guide have explained that it is best to start with the following 5 steps when searching for the best ceiling fan for you:

Step 1: Considering Your Ceiling Fan Budget
Step 2: Choosing a Ceiling Fan for Room Size
Step 3: Installing an Indoor Fan or Outdoor Fan
Step 4: Choosing the Style of your Ceiling Fan
Step 5: Choosing Ceiling Fan Finish Options

In part three, we're sharing the accessories and details you need to consider when buying a ceiling fan. To learn more about steps 6, 7 and 8, click here.