In part two of our buying guide series, you learned how to choose a ceiling fan based on your style and what finishes work best in your space. For our final part 3 of the series, we will be breaking down the details you want from choosing a ceiling fan with lighting and which ceiling fan remote control you need. 

Just as important as the cooling power of your ceiling fan is the lighting options on your fan. In some cases the ceiling fan maybe the only source of lighting in a room, or maybe you want to supplement the lighting that is already there. In this section we’ll discuss the many lighting options available for your ceiling fan and also the control options available to you for both the fan and the lights.

Step 6: Choosing a ceiling fan with lighting

Whether your room has no built-in lighting or it has recessed lighting, you can always incorporate a ceiling fan with light into your room’s lighting design. Lighting can also be a reflection of your style: a traditional light bulb creates a clean, classic look while an Edison bulb enhances vintage and rustic designs.


Ceiling fans with LED lighting

At Hunter, we want our fans to be as energy efficient as possible, from air performance to lighting. We incorporate LED lighting into all our new ceiling fan designs whether it’s LED light bulbs or an LED integrated light (no bulbs to change!). Our LED lights last for 25,000 hours and operate at 9.8 watts (the equivalent of a 60 watt bulb). Along with energy efficiency, LED lights don’t heat up like incandescent bulbs do.

Ceiling fans with multi-arm lighting

If the ceiling fan will be the only source of light in your space, a multi arm light is an option for you. These fans typically have three to four light bulbs depending on the design. The multiple bulbs are able to spread light across your room, highlighting the entire space.

Light dimming control

With all of our lighting options, check for the light dimming feature. Ceiling fans with dimmable light gives you control over the mood in your room. Our handheld remotes and wall controls make it easy to use the light dimming feature on our ceiling fans. Our SIMPLEconnectTM Wi-Fi® enabled fans also making light dimming easy so you can set the mood of your space.


Ceiling fans without lights

If you have enough built-in lighting and natural light but you want the cooling power of a ceiling fan in your space, you might choose a ceiling fan without lights. They also work well for low ceilings because you don’t have the addition of light fixtures.

Ceiling fan light kits

Even if you don’t choose a ceiling fan with a light right now, you can always add one later to some fans. Hunter offers a variety of unique accessory light kit styles and colors. From globe light to multi-light fixtures, we have the light kit to fit your ceiling fan and your room’s lighting needs.


To see the different and unique lighting options available with Hunter fans you can shop for ceiling fans with lights right here on our website.

Step 7: Ceiling fan controls

Control your ceiling fan your way. We continue to innovate ways to make controlling your ceiling fan more convenient, like with our SIMPLEconnect™ Collection of WiFi ceiling fans that you can control with smart home devices. Many of our fans come with a pre-installed remote receiver that require no additional wiring.

Smart ceiling fans

Our SIMPLEconnect™ Collection of Wi-Fi enabled ceiling fans allow you to control your ceiling fan with the SIMPLEconnect app, your smart device, or the handheld remote. (Our WiFi ceiling fans have a preinstalled remote receiver for less wiring!) Hunter Wi-Fi ceiling fans let you schedule your fan and light from your smart device to turn on and off when it best fits your schedule, like when you come home from work or wake up in the morning.


Ceiling fan remote control

Having a handheld remote within reach is perfect for comfort and convenience. Hunter ceiling fans with remotes allow you to change the fan speed, dim the lights, and even the ceiling fan’s direction in one easy-to-use remote. Our handheld remotes come with a cradle to hang on the wall or you can keep the remote next to you on the nightstand or coffee table.

Ceiling fan wall control

Hunter wall controls fit in where your wall control switches do, making it easy to remember where your ceiling fan control is. Control your ceiling fan speed, dimmable ceiling fan light, and ceiling fan direction with the push of a button.

Ceiling fan pull chain

A ceiling fan with pull chains is an option for rooms with lower ceilings where you’re able to reach the pull chains. Ceiling fan speed and light control is within arm’s reach. Pull chains also work well for outdoor fans on closed patios giving guests an option to turn on or off the fan if they don’t know where the remote is stored.


Step 8: Fan accessories for installation

When it’s time to install your fan you, or the person installing it, might need a few items depending on your situation. Check out the wide selection of accessories to complete your ceiling fan order.

Angled ceiling mount for fan

You’ll need an angled ceiling mount if you’re installing a ceiling fan to a sloped ceiling that is greater than a 34-degree angle. These replace the ceiling fan canopy that comes with your ceiling fan. With an angled ceiling mount, you’ll also need an extension downrod.

Extension downrod for fan

Our ceiling fans come with 2-inch and 3-inch downrods in the box, but if you have taller ceilings you’ll need an extension downrod. You’ll also need an extension downrod when installing your ceiling fan to an angled ceiling.


Our How to Choose a Ceiling Fan Guide has explained that it is best to follow the following steps when searching for the best ceiling fan for your home:


Part One: The Basics
Step 1:
Considering your ceiling fan budget
Step 2: Choosing a ceiling fan for room size
Step 3: Installing an indoor fan or outdoor fan


Part Two: The Style
Step 4:
Choosing the style of your ceiling fan
Step 5: Choosing ceiling fan finish options


Part Three: The Accessories
Step 6: Choosing a ceiling fan with lighting
Step 7: Ceiling fan controls
Step 8: Fan accessories for installation

Begin your search for a new ceiling fan

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