When Katie of The Rustic Boxwood was designing their custom build home in Atlanta, she wanted ceiling fans that kept the family cool while also keeping the rooms looking cool.


“I will tell you with all of our Hunter fans in our home they look beautiful in the house, and they are statement pieces all on their own. You don't need a chandelier,” said Katie.

From large ceiling fans to smart ceiling fans, Katie chose the fans purposefully to coordinate with each room’s style for the Cottages and Bungalows Project House 2018. See how she used fans as a whole home design solution.

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HFC 96



Great Room


“Everybody is noticing how large the blades are. It is just an eye catcher,” said Katie about the HFC-96 ceiling fan, “The black tips, the white blade, and just you cannot find a fan that large that looks cool and modern at the same time.”

Katie’s living room opens up into the main entrance and the kitchen, so they needed a big ceiling fan that would help keep the open concept space cool and comfortable. With its 96-inch blade span, the HFC-96 efficiently cools the room, and in the winter weather they simply reverse the direction of the ceiling fan to help circulate warm air. 

The black detailing on the modern industrial designed ceiling fan complements dark accents in the room including the textiles, dark wood beams, and ironwork detailing on the modern industrial farmhouse furniture. The white finish completes the look of the bright space, and definitely makes a statement as you come into Katies’ home!

Master Bedroom


The white shiplap accent wall in Katie’s master bedroom creates the perfect backdrop for the black sconces alongside the bed, the black “better together” artwork sign, and the black modern industrial Brunswick ceiling fan

“I love that the Brunswick fan. It does have modern vibes, and I love that it does have smart features. You can hook it up with your phone, with an app on your phone, and turn it on or turn it off. That's really cool,” said Katie. 

The 60-inch ceiling fan features Hunter’s exclusive SIMPLEconnect® WiFi technology to interact with other smart home devices including Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant. For the less tech-savvy, there is a handheld remote that comes with the fan. 

The modern industrial fan’s turn-of-the-century inspired housing and blade buckles complement the vintage inspired bedframe and details on the nightstands. The black finish also creates a great contrast with the bright room’s white and blue tones. 

Daughter's Room


The Hepburn fan’s regal and feminine design is a perfect fit for Katie’s daughter’s room.

“We chose the one with the white blades and the brass finishing touches for our daughter because she loves gold and it looks so pretty and feminine,” said Katie.

The white fan finish plays to the brightness of the room with its white bedspread and bedframe, the white wall-to-wall bookshelf, and the light flooring. The brass details on the modern ceiling fan and greenery detail from the succulents softens the modern industrial inspired elements of the black hardware and dark, rustic woods in the room.

We love that Katie’s daughter put an Audrey Hepburn quote on her letter board: a perfect fit to coordinate with a fan named after such an icon!

Craft & Storage Room


Katie also used the Hepburn in the craft and storage room – this time in black!

The matte black Hepburn that we chose in our craft room and in our storage room just accents all of the modern touches that are in our craft room,” said Katie. 

The table legs, door handles, desk storage containers -- The black details in the room keep your eyes exploring all the nooks and crannies in the space. The black and white color scheme lets the colors of her projects stand out in the space! The barn doors in the craft room open up to reveal a second Hepburn black ceiling fan.

Son's Bedroom


The modern industrial design of the Vault caged ceiling fan brings together the black, metal elements throughout Katie’s son’s bedroom. It all stands out against the dark wood shiplap statement wall.

“The fan in our son's bedroom is a total statement piece,” said Katie. 

This small ceiling fan is designed to conceal the fan blades in a unique way while still cooling off rooms with its WhisperWind® motor technology.

Katie added other rustic yet masculine elements in her son’s bedroom to complete the look including a worn leather chair, jute rug, and rustic wood shelving. A set of metal lockers and signs adds a personal touch to the room.

Front Porch


Talk about curb appeal! The HFC-72 modern industrial fan makes a definite statement on the front porch of Katie’s custom build home. 

“We love the porch fan. It's so cool,” said Katie, “The lines on that fan are really cool and accents our front porch beautifully. You could bring it inside if you wanted to, too.”

The HFC-72 black ceiling fan – the smaller sibling of the HFC-96 as seen in Katie’s great room – is damp-rated, meaning it can be used in covered outdoor spaces or indoor as well. 

The black finish goes with the black scones, door, and beams on the front porch, standing out against the white house and white wicker furniture. 

Each fan gives each room a unique, individual style while also playing to the overall modern industrial farmhouse inspired theme throughout the home. It shows that you can use the same fan in every room or different fans in each room to still create a whole home solution with your design.

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