Dairy Farm

Pleasant Hill Dairy Discovers the Comforting & Cooling Benefits of Hunter’s Industrial Ceiling Fans

HVLS ceiling fans demonstrate ability at temp control in livestock facility

Before Installation

Pleasant Hill Dairy, L.P. is a large dairy farm in Mount Vernon, Texas with approximately 800 cows, growing most of their livestock’s feed on their own land. In 2016, Sjouke Plantinga, along with his brother, Auke Plantinga, operators of Pleasant Hill Dairy, began constructing a new open-face barn to accommodate the farm’s  growth. In their original barn, they utilize 60 box fans to circulate air, which drives up the electrical bill significantly. Additionally, because these stationary fans are only able to mobilize air within a few feet, many cows are not receiving their cooling benefit. As a result, their body temperatures are not being regulated, which increases their physical stress—a factor that studies have shown can reduce how much cows eat and, in turn, how much milk they are capable of producing.

“As you may guess, summers in Texas are brutal. We have to keep our cows cool and comfortable, or they won’t feed like they should, and stress wears on their bodies,” said Sjouke Plantinga, co-operator of Pleasant Hill Dairy. “I began researching high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans in the industry and discovered Hunter Industrial’s fans online. Within a few days, their team was planning a trip out to my farm in Texas to learn more about my needs and provide me with an impressive estimate.”

When finalizing the construction of the new barn in April 2017, Pleasant Hill Dairy installed 14 of Hunter Industrial’s Titan 14-foot fans throughout the 500 x 150 square foot facility.

Livestock stares while Hunter industrial ceiling fan hangs above

After Installation

Following the installation, Mr. Plantinga quickly noticed a significant reduction compared to the previous environmental stressors posing his livestock. The continual circulation of air from Hunter’s HVLS fans has secured a comfortable temperature across the board for both workers and dairy cows. Additionally, as one of the quietest HVLS fan options in the market, Hunter’s products have contributed to reduced stress through notable noise control.

Mr. Plantinga also noted that the consistent breeze generated by the HVLS fans have curbed pests surrounding cattle, cutting down on the number of flies in the new facility. While valuing the added comfort the new installations provide for his livestock, Mr. Plantinga has been the most satisfied with the minimal maintenance experienced with Hunter’s fans.

“The continual circulation of air from Hunter’s industrial ceiling fans has secured a comfortable temperature across the board for both works and dairy cows.”

Sjouke Plantinga

“I was impressed by the few parts needed to put Hunter’s fans together, and I’ve been even more pleased by how low maintenance the fans have been since installation,” said Mr. Plantinga. “The fans’ direct drive motor also ensures no oil leaks down on the cows, which is a major issue with fans using more traditional motors.”

By using Hunter’s HVLS fans in his new barn, as opposed to the 60 box fans in his original barn, Mr. Plantinga estimates his electricity bill has been cut back by close to 80 percent. “The efficiency and low wattage of Hunter’s fans has been a huge cost saver for me,” said Mr. Plantinga. “I hope to be able to work with Hunter for additional barn needs in the future.”

HVAC Distributor Chooses Hunter Industrial for Quality Products and Customer-Focused Attention

Industrial ceiling fans show breadth of functionality, application

Company Background

Family-owned since 1985, Hobbs & Associates, Inc. provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) products and engineering services to commercial and industrial contractors in 11 markets across Virginia, Tennessee and Arkansas. Identifying and representing quality products, Hobbs & Associates bridges the gap between HVAC manufacturers and the customers who are looking for HVAC and HVLS solutions for their facilities.

The Hunter Difference

Looking for a manufacturing partner that offers quality industrial fans, Hobbs & Associates first began their relationship with Hunter Industrial out of their Chattanooga branch––before expanding that partnership across all of their territories to fill the product gap in their portfolio.

“We’ve worked on and off with other industrial fan manufacturers, but Hunter Industrial provides a level of personalized customer service and quality that really matches the caliber of product and customer experience we’re looking to represent,” said David Dykes with Hobbs & Associates. “When you have a question, a need or  an order, Hunter Industrial’s team is accessible and hands-on in a way that we’ve never experienced with their competitors.”

Noting this relationship factor as a key differentiator, Hobbs & Associates indicated they appreciated the Hunter Industrial team seeking their feedback and being responsive to customer input.

“Hunter Industrial provides a level of personalized customer service and quality that really matches the caliber of product and customer experience we’re looking to represent.”

David Dykes

“One aspect of Hunter Industrial that we’ve come to particularly value is their integrity,” said Dykes. “They stand by their promises of top quality and service, going that extra mile to create value for their customers and partners. Hunter Industrial’s warranty quite simply is one of the best in the industry.”

With proper indoor air circulation playing a significant contributing role to the health and comfort of virtually any facility, the Hobbs & Associates team have found the need for an HVLS fan is present in almost every project they bid––ranging from a car dealership and a whiskey distillery to a fitness studio.

The competitive, thoughtful engineering of Hunter Industrial’s fans––from their direct drive motor to their lightweight design––delivers both cost and energy efficiencies that are a significant deliverable for our contractors,” said Dykes. “At the end of the day, offering Hunter Industrial products has allowed us to better serve our customers and their needs.”

Seasoned Industrial Ceiling Fan Distributor Chooses Hunter Industrial as Primary Fan Line

Company demonstrates how HVLS fans are used for air flow control

Company Background

Operating as an industrial fan distributor since 1984, HLY Enterprises is one of Hunter Industrial’s primary product and service distributors for the state of Florida. Providing fan sales as well as mechanical and electrical installation, HLY has worked with a range of corporations from Budweiser to VULKAN Corporation to the Coca-Cola Company to provide long-term mechanical solutions for their facilities’ air quality and environmental needs.

The Hunter Difference

HLY Enterprises chose to distribute Hunter Industrial fans as its main fan line after attending Hunter Industrial’s first distributor meeting following the launch of the Hunter Industrial brand in 2016.

“Not all fans are created equal,” said Henry Yonce with HLY Enterprises. “We’ve been in this business for more than 30 years, and you can tell the quality of Hunter Industrial’s fans by the intentional nature of its product design. Each blade is engineered to make the motor run as efficiently as possible, and these fans are virtually maintenance-free as opposed to some other brands whose products we end up having to take down more often than we put them up.”

Installing up to 90 percent of the fans it sells, HLY also cites Hunter’s ease of installation from its unique plug-n- play design as a compelling benefit––also noting that all the fan’s parts arrive in one shipment.

“We’ve worked with nearly every leading industrial ceiling fan brand on the market, and Hunter Industrial is the most user-friendly.”

Henry Yonce

“We’ve worked with nearly every leading industrial fan brand on the market, and Hunter Industrial is the most user-friendly,” said Yonce. “Our customers are often looking for turnkey installations, making a quick and easy installation a critical asset. Typically, we can complete the installation process in three hours or so when it has taken days with other brands.”

Recently, HLY indicated they helped one brewery solve a moisture management issue with the installation of a Hunter Industrial fan, speeding up the drying process of moisture collecting on the facility’s floor and effectively eliminating related safety hazards. Additionally, the HLY team replaced a competing brand’s industrial fans in a food processing facility with Hunter installations to improve performance issues, receiving positive feedback from the team.

For more than 100 years, the Hunter brand has been about solving problems for companies and consumers, and that’s what they allow us to do,” said Yonce. “From a distributor’s perspective, we value Hunter because they value us––they genuinely want our feedback when it comes to the problems facing our field and our customers. And when a problem arises, we can easily reach the right person quickly. In short, we can tell Hunter cares.”

The Titan Industrial Ceiling Fan Outperforms the Competitors in GTO Access Systems’ Florida Warehouse

Facility upgrades include installation of HVLS fans

Titan Hunter industrial ceiling fan for warehouses and facilities

Before Installation

GTO Access Systems, a Tallahassee-based manufacturer and distributor of gate automation solutions, sought to improve air circulation in the shipping area of their distribution space. GTO already had two industrial fans installed in the space but needed an additional fan to support a newly opened area after they’d restructured the warehouse.

A Hunter Industrial sales representative contacted Stan Rozenbaum, the Inventory Manager of the supply chain. Rozenbaum was impressed with both the innovative design and the price of the fan. Instead of opting for the current brand of industrial ceiling fans that were used in the space, Rozenbaum chose to have the Titan fan installed.

After Installation

GTO had the 14-foot Titan fan installed in the newly opened space of the shipping department. After installation, Rozenbaum’s team of employees commented that the Titan provided better air circulation compared to the other industrial fans in the warehouse. He said they were also impressed with the intuitive control panel.

“The first thing I noticed was the compact size of the fan,” said Rozenbaum. “Your competitor’s motors are much larger and bulkier. I liked that your design was sleek and more discrete.”

“There is a good possibility there will be one or two more Titan fans added to our space.”

Stan Rozenbaum

GTO Access Systems, owned by Nortek Inc., plans to expand their warehouse and did confirm, “There is a good possibility there will be one or two more Titan fans added to our space.”

Greenhouse Ministries Improves Warehouse Conditions with Hunter Industrial ECO Fans

Industrial ceiling fans used to regulate temp control in large facility

Before Installation

Before installing HVLS industrial fans, Greenhouse Ministries found that limitations in its facility’s airflow and temperature control also limited its ability to serve the community. As a nonprofit focused on offering food, clothing and other essential services to the homeless community, Greenhouse processes thousands of pounds in donated items each week for the 40-45 households it serves, as well as its on-site thrift store. Sorting and distributing every single one of these items, Greenhouse’s warehouse is in many ways its heart of operations.

But with no air conditioning or ventilation, the warehouse would be forced to shut down during the hottest parts of the summer for more than a week. This resulted in losing more than 250 donors, a summer is the busiest season for donations. The heat also prevented the warehouse’s previous manager from continuing to serve after falling sick from the heat.

“We’d reached a point where we knew we needed a solution,” said Kylie Forte with Greenhouse Ministries. “One of our volunteers knew of industrial fans’ benefits, and after looking at all our options, Hunter Industrial really stood out. We also loved the fact that we could work with a company based in Middle Tennessee.”

After Installation

In summer 2016, Greenhouse had two ECO 14’ fans installed in a 55’ by 100’ space within their warehouse. With a unique ‘plug-n-play’ design and all parts delivered in one box, Greenhouse volunteers were able to install the fans themselves in one day. While previous summer months were unbearable, volunteers soon noted an immediate difference following the fans’ installation, and the warehouse was able to remain open the entire summer.

“After the fans’ installation, the impact was instantly noticeable.”

Kylie Forte

“After the fans’ installation, the impact was instantly noticeable,” Forte said. “The fans create a nice breeze in the summer and circulate warm air in the winter, vastly improving the working conditions for our staff and volunteers. Our people are the life force of our organization, so anything we can do to improve conditions for them greatly helps our overall mission. Now, our warehouse is honestly the most enjoyable room in our facility.”

Able to move large volumes of air, one Hunter HVLS Industrial fan can replace as many as 10 to 20 floor fans. Creating an evaporative cooling effect, the fans diminished air temperatures in Greenhouse’s warehouse by 10 to 12 degrees. Additionally, with heat rising during the colder months, these industrial fans continually push warm air trapped at ceiling level back down to the floor, making volunteers and workers more comfortable and saving on average 10 percent on the organization’s power costs.