Greenhouse Ministries Improves Warehouse Conditions with Hunter Industrial ECO Fans

Industrial ceiling fans used to regulate temp control in large facility

Before Installation

Before installing HVLS industrial fans, Greenhouse Ministries found that limitations in its facility’s airflow and temperature control also limited its ability to serve the community. As a nonprofit focused on offering food, clothing and other essential services to the homeless community, Greenhouse processes thousands of pounds in donated items each week for the 40-45 households it serves, as well as its on-site thrift store. Sorting and distributing every single one of these items, Greenhouse’s warehouse is in many ways its heart of operations.

But with no air conditioning or ventilation, the warehouse would be forced to shut down during the hottest parts of the summer for more than a week. This resulted in losing more than 250 donors, a summer is the busiest season for donations. The heat also prevented the warehouse’s previous manager from continuing to serve after falling sick from the heat.

“We’d reached a point where we knew we needed a solution,” said Kylie Forte with Greenhouse Ministries. “One of our volunteers knew of industrial fans’ benefits, and after looking at all our options, Hunter Industrial really stood out. We also loved the fact that we could work with a company based in Middle Tennessee.”

After Installation

In summer 2016, Greenhouse had two ECO 14’ fans installed in a 55’ by 100’ space within their warehouse. With a unique ‘plug-n-play’ design and all parts delivered in one box, Greenhouse volunteers were able to install the fans themselves in one day. While previous summer months were unbearable, volunteers soon noted an immediate difference following the fans’ installation, and the warehouse was able to remain open the entire summer.

“After the fans’ installation, the impact was instantly noticeable.”

Kylie Forte

“After the fans’ installation, the impact was instantly noticeable,” Forte said. “The fans create a nice breeze in the summer and circulate warm air in the winter, vastly improving the working conditions for our staff and volunteers. Our people are the life force of our organization, so anything we can do to improve conditions for them greatly helps our overall mission. Now, our warehouse is honestly the most enjoyable room in our facility.”

Able to move large volumes of air, one Hunter HVLS Industrial fan can replace as many as 10 to 20 floor fans. Creating an evaporative cooling effect, the fans diminished air temperatures in Greenhouse’s warehouse by 10 to 12 degrees. Additionally, with heat rising during the colder months, these industrial fans continually push warm air trapped at ceiling level back down to the floor, making volunteers and workers more comfortable and saving on average 10 percent on the organization’s power costs.