Hunter HVLS fan creates comfortable brewery work environment

In 2011, Fat Bottom Brewery began in East Nashville in a 5,000 square foot space, but its popularity and expanding brewing operations moved them to a 33,000 square foot space in West Nashville.

Their commitment to making the best beer possible is right up there with their commitment to keeping their employees comfortable and safe while working.

“Airflow is important for – number one – for employee well-being,” said Brewmaster Drew Yeager, “When you’re brewing beer it gives off a lot of heat, and with tall boots, long pants, gloves, face masks and that stuff, it gets hot.”

Keeping the guys cool in the hot work environment can get even hotter in the summer: Temperatures in Nashville can range from 90 to 100 degrees. Drew and his team began looking for a way to create a safer and more comfortable work environment. They turned to Hunter Industrial and its Titan HVLS fan.

“This HVLS fan is aesthetically pleasing solution and the commitment to quality. The customer service every time we reached out we heard back immediately. It’s just the full package that you get when dealing with Hunter,” said Drew.

Available in five sizes and with the ability to customize the color of the fan, the Titan is the ideal HVLS fan choice for breweries.