Industrial HVLS Fans Not Only Improve Employee Comfort but Also Employee Safety

Facility upgrades include industrial ceiling fans

A leading trailer manufacturer, Doolittle Trailer Manufacturing’s 150 employees were operating out of a series of eight buildings with various sizes and climate needs. The buildings themselves were older structures that did not provide optimal air circulation, and Doolittle’s previous cooling methods of barrel and pedestal fans were not able to offer consistent, widespread comfort through the seasons. Their team needed a modern solution to the environmental challenges posed by their older buildings.

After installing 23 Hunter Industrial fans in 2017––with a second round of fans to follow soon––Doolittle’s employees noticed an immediate difference. Distributing air uniformly throughout the manufacturer’s various buildings, the HVLS fans improved indoor air quality by providing consistent air circulation and temperature regulation. The buildings’ climates were noticeably cooler during the summer, as well as warmer during the winter months, with Doolittle’s network of Hunter fans working systematically to move large volumes of air across each building’s full coverage area.

“Older buildings have characteristics that make it difficult to maintain a uniform climate,” said Charles Neiheisel with Doolittle Trailers. “Once we installed Hunter Industrial fans, our employees experienced a significant increase in airflow––even in harder-to-reach areas of our facilities. These fans also eliminated the on-the-ground bulk and network of cords associated with barrel and pedestal fans which cluttered our walkways and work spaces. Ultimately, the fans have improved employee comfort but also employee safety.”

Retrofitting Doolittle’s older buildings, the Doolittle team was able to utilize the HVLS fans’ plug-n-play design and easily install the products themselves.

“Ultimately, the fans have improved employee comfort but also employee safety.”

Charles Neiheisel

“Overall, it was a smooth and easy installation process, and we haven’t experienced any maintenance issues to date,” said Neiheisel.

Beyond installation and maintenance, the Doolittle team noted that a function that has been particularly beneficial to their industry is the fans’ controllability. With simple control panels, employees are able to control the speed of each fan individually––allowing fans in different parts of a building to be operated at different speeds.

“The easy-to-use nature of Hunter Industrial fans is one of our favorite features,” said Neiheisel. “You can adjust the speed of each fan individually from the floor with just the turn of a knob. This is especially useful in welding areas when we’re not able to run fans on full blast because of the gases and sparks involved, but we still need to provide environmental comfort for our workers in those areas. These fans have been solutions for us on multiple fronts.”