Mechanical contracting shop installs Hunter HVLS fan

The Comfort Group is a mechanical contracting firm in Nashville, Tenn., providing installations in plumbing, sheet metal, and HVAC piping. Summers in Nashville can get hot and humid, making working in the sheet metal fabrication shop uncomfortable.

“I met with some of the personnel at Hunter and was very intrigued with the performance of the fan to help supplement our existing HVAC system and how they could work together,” said Aaron Bowersock, Project Manager at The Comfort Group.

They installed Hunter Industrial’s Titan HVLS fans for the shop. Aaron said the easy installation process made it quick to get the fan up and running within a day.

“Some of the benefits I’ve noticed are in the comfort level –it pushes air throughout the whole shop. We saw a reduced cost with the performance of the fan because we’re able to turn off our main HVAC unit system and rely solely on the fan,” said Aaron.

The Titan industrial fan is available in five different sizes ranging from 14-feet to 24-feet. Need multiple HVLS fans? Hunter Industrial’s screen controls work with Titan fans and can be purchased separately.