Replacing Pedestal and Barrel Fans with Hunter Industrial Ceiling Fans Increases Workplace Comfort

HVLS fans used for temperature regulation

In August 2016, CoreCentric Solutions Inc.—a remanufacturer and a reverse logistics service provider—relocated to a newly constructed facility in Carol Stream, Illinois. At approximately 300,000 square feet with 36-foot ceilings, CoreCentric’s expansive new production and warehouse space had outgrown their previous cooling method of using pedestal and barrel fans—a method that proved ineffective where only nearby workers received the cooling benefit of the pedestal fans, coupled with the inconvenience of papers and mechanical parts blowing around due to the fans’ noisy, sporadic air movement. Additionally, CoreCentric had experimented with swamp coolers, but the resulting maintenance was a headache.

After installing seven Hunter Industrial 24’ Titan fans in their unconditioned warehouse spaces, CoreCentric has experienced increased workplace comfort across the seasons—with studies showing that HVLS fans produce on average a 10- to 12-degree temperature reduction in warmer months, while circulating warm air trapped at the ceiling level down to the floor level during the winter. The CoreCentric team also highlighted their ability to adjust the fans’ speed to match seasonal needs—increasing speeds in summer to create a slight draft versus utilizing lower speeds in winter.

“Hunter Industrial’s Titan fans provide uniform comfort year-round for our nearly 230 employees, which has in turn increased worker productivity,” said Darrin Davidson with CoreCentric. “After moving to our new facility and installing these industrial fans, we’ve received no employee complaints related to workplace comfort. The fans were quick and easy to install and have since been maintenance-free—a welcome improvement from past cooling options we’ve tried.”

Providing a cost and energy efficient solution for CoreCentric, studies estimate HVLS fans cost $1 per day to operate and can save up to 30 percent on heating expenses. Able to move large volumes of air, Hunter Industrial’s fans deliver a consistent breeze throughout the warehousing and production facilities. In fact, the breeze from one HVLS fan is more powerful and more cost-efficient than 10 to 20 floor fans or 12 48-inch barrel fans.

Hunter Industrial’s Titan fans provide uniform comfort year-round for our nearly 230 employees, which has in turn increased worker productivity.

Darrin Davidson

“We never fully recognized the benefit—and the need, really—of an industrial fan,” said Jim Louis, a CoreCentric employee. “One fan packs a lot of power and has created a workplace environment that’s enjoyable and keeps us all going.”

The CoreCentric team has now been through two summers using Hunter Industrial fans, and even on the hottest days, the fans have prevented the buildup of heat and stagnant air.

“We never shut the fans off,” said Davidson. “We keep them running day and night and on weekends—they are essential in creating an optimal, healthy environment in our facility from ceiling to floor.”