Seasoned Industrial Ceiling Fan Distributor Chooses Hunter Industrial as Primary Fan Line

Company demonstrates how HVLS fans are used for air flow control

Company Background

Operating as an industrial fan distributor since 1984, HLY Enterprises is one of Hunter Industrial’s primary product and service distributors for the state of Florida. Providing fan sales as well as mechanical and electrical installation, HLY has worked with a range of corporations from Budweiser to VULKAN Corporation to the Coca-Cola Company to provide long-term mechanical solutions for their facilities’ air quality and environmental needs.

The Hunter Difference

HLY Enterprises chose to distribute Hunter Industrial fans as its main fan line after attending Hunter Industrial’s first distributor meeting following the launch of the Hunter Industrial brand in 2016.

“Not all fans are created equal,” said Henry Yonce with HLY Enterprises. “We’ve been in this business for more than 30 years, and you can tell the quality of Hunter Industrial’s fans by the intentional nature of its product design. Each blade is engineered to make the motor run as efficiently as possible, and these fans are virtually maintenance-free as opposed to some other brands whose products we end up having to take down more often than we put them up.”

Installing up to 90 percent of the fans it sells, HLY also cites Hunter’s ease of installation from its unique plug-n- play design as a compelling benefit––also noting that all the fan’s parts arrive in one shipment.

“We’ve worked with nearly every leading industrial ceiling fan brand on the market, and Hunter Industrial is the most user-friendly.”

Henry Yonce

“We’ve worked with nearly every leading industrial fan brand on the market, and Hunter Industrial is the most user-friendly,” said Yonce. “Our customers are often looking for turnkey installations, making a quick and easy installation a critical asset. Typically, we can complete the installation process in three hours or so when it has taken days with other brands.”

Recently, HLY indicated they helped one brewery solve a moisture management issue with the installation of a Hunter Industrial fan, speeding up the drying process of moisture collecting on the facility’s floor and effectively eliminating related safety hazards. Additionally, the HLY team replaced a competing brand’s industrial fans in a food processing facility with Hunter installations to improve performance issues, receiving positive feedback from the team.

For more than 100 years, the Hunter brand has been about solving problems for companies and consumers, and that’s what they allow us to do,” said Yonce. “From a distributor’s perspective, we value Hunter because they value us––they genuinely want our feedback when it comes to the problems facing our field and our customers. And when a problem arises, we can easily reach the right person quickly. In short, we can tell Hunter cares.”