The Titan Industrial Ceiling Fan Outperforms the Competitors in GTO Access Systems’ Florida Warehouse

Facility upgrades include installation of HVLS fans

Titan Hunter industrial ceiling fan for warehouses and facilities

Before Installation

GTO Access Systems, a Tallahassee-based manufacturer and distributor of gate automation solutions, sought to improve air circulation in the shipping area of their distribution space. GTO already had two industrial fans installed in the space but needed an additional fan to support a newly opened area after they’d restructured the warehouse.

A Hunter Industrial sales representative contacted Stan Rozenbaum, the Inventory Manager of the supply chain. Rozenbaum was impressed with both the innovative design and the price of the fan. Instead of opting for the current brand of industrial ceiling fans that were used in the space, Rozenbaum chose to have the Titan fan installed.

After Installation

GTO had the 14-foot Titan fan installed in the newly opened space of the shipping department. After installation, Rozenbaum’s team of employees commented that the Titan provided better air circulation compared to the other industrial fans in the warehouse. He said they were also impressed with the intuitive control panel.

“The first thing I noticed was the compact size of the fan,” said Rozenbaum. “Your competitor’s motors are much larger and bulkier. I liked that your design was sleek and more discrete.”

“There is a good possibility there will be one or two more Titan fans added to our space.”

Stan Rozenbaum

GTO Access Systems, owned by Nortek Inc., plans to expand their warehouse and did confirm, “There is a good possibility there will be one or two more Titan fans added to our space.”