Top Facility Upgrades Your Employees Will Notice

Your facility’s environment is one of the most critical employee retention strategies: Work environment has a significant impact on a person’s attitude and performance. One of the best ways to improve employee morale is by creating an environment people are excited to work in, in turn improving productivity.

One of the toughest challenges in large facilities is heating and cooling, which ultimately affects the health and well-being of your employees. But the solution is easy: HVLS (high-volume low-speed) fans. The benefits of installing HVLS fans are wide-ranging, from safety and productivity to employee retention.

By choosing to invest in your facility, you’re also choosing to invest in your employees by creating a safer and more comfortable work environment. Upgrading your facility with HVLS fans is key to employee retention as well as helping with recruiting new employees.

Employee Morale

By installing an HVLS fan, you can impact company culture by creating a work space where employees enjoy showing up and not just a work space where employees need to show up. When employees are satisfied with their workspace, they are more productive and give your business a competitive edge, ultimately helping the bottom line.

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Large industrial facilities can get hot in the summer and become difficult to cool. HVLS fan systems help destratify the air, assisting in air quality improvement and reduce heat exhaustion of employees. HVLS fans are able to move large volumes of air with minimal energy and are therefore able to regulate temperature.

This benefit of installing a HVLS fan is especially important for improving a work environment during times of extreme heat as well as cold. During the winter, HVLS fans ensure warm air is continually and equally dispersed––circulating warm air trapped at the ceiling down to the plant floor. It makes employees more comfortable and allows HVAC systems to work more efficiently and effectively.

Employee Safety

An important factor when thinking about facility upgrades is how HVLS fans will affect employee safety. By installing HVLS fans, you can reduce slips, trips, and falls with improved moisture control and by reducing other liquid hazards.

The oil-free design of Hunter Industrial HVLS fans eliminates the potential for leaks, further increasing the safety of employees. Additionally, no wiring on the ground or at ground-level is required to operate a Hunter HVLS fan.

HVLS fans are also proven to improve the quality of air in the spaces where they’re hung. In the process of destratifying the stagnant air that builds in large industrial facilities, HVLS fans assist in ventilation, reducing dust, odor and pollutants. HVLS fans can also control a facility’s moisture—specifically where it relates to condensation, which can form on the floor in between two different climate-controlled environments and present a significant safety hazard. Proper indoor air movement quickly dries this condensation to reduce fall risks, pollutants and bacteria associated with unchecked moisture.

Top facility upgrades include hanging an industrial ceiling fan

Employee Efficiency

A HVLS fan can be as efficient for employees as it is cost-effective for your bottom line.

The air that a HVLS fan moves aids in drying wet floors and equipment after cleaning and will make any industrial or commercial facility a more efficient place to work. HVLS fans can also dissipate excessive heat given off from machines.

A 2014 study by the Indian Statistical Institute, “The Impact of Temperature on Productivity and Labor Supply: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing,” showed that labor productivity decreases in high temperature environments—with productivity reducing three percent per increase in one degree Celsius. The study also stated that “sustained heat may reduce worker attendance.”

With this in mind, we worked with a remanufacturing and logistics company who was able to improve workforce conditions and productivity levels after installing seven 24-foot Titan HVLS fans in their unconditioned 300,000-square foot warehouse with 36-foot ceilings. The HVLS fans effectively cooled their facility and workforce without blowing around papers and mechanical parts, unlike what they experienced with their previous cooling methods of pedestal and barrel fans.

Titan HVLS fan for one of the top facility upgrades

There are many reasons your next facility upgrade should include a HVLS fan. The benefits are proven to increase employee morale, safety, and efficiency. By upgrading your facility with HVLS fans, you too can significantly improve the environment in which your employees work while saving costs. Great facility upgrades can start with a HVLS fan system and is a way to increase employee retention.

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