Jewelry for your ceiling: Designing the Leoni

Don’t think of the Leoni as a ceiling fan — think of it as jewelry for your ceiling.

“It’s very easy for us to think about jewelry, but when we think about accentuating our home and adding those little pieces that really make a home stunning and interesting to look at it’s not always easy, and this fan makes it easy,” said Hunter Fan Designer Claire McRoberts, “It’s just a gorgeous fan.”

The design team searched through a familiar jewelry box to find the inspiration for the Leoni. They designed the fan based off a previous international model they created.

“With the International market, we focus a lot on Central and South America – and especially Brazil. In the big cities they never stopped doing mid-century modern design like we did here in the States,” said McRoberts.

Hunter Fan Company modern chandelier ceiling fan sketch

A few tweaks by the design team, and the Leoni was born. They wanted the Leoni to flow more with where U.S. home fashion trends were headed, which is why this ceiling fan comes with brass and brushed nickel metalwork finishes.

“The brushed nickel version is for the woman who wants to match the hardware in her home,” said McRoberts, “She probably has brushed nickel faucets, brushed nickel door knobs, brushed nickel pieces within her furniture, where it kind of ties all in together.”

McRoberts described the bold brass finish as perfect for the trend setting homeowner whose home is filled with modern decor and the latest in home fashion.

They kept that homeowner in mind throughout the process. Such a contemporary ceiling fan needed to fit with a confident consumer.

“It’s for the consumer who loves high heels, large purses, large chunky jewelry, kind of likes to have those stunning pieces in her wardrobe; she also probably dresses her house the same way,” described McRoberts.

No matter which finish you chose, the Leoni is sure to add charm and appeal to any small or standard size room in your home. The Leoni is available to purchase now on Hunter Fan’s website.

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