Old industrial, new technology: Designing the Apache

Hunter Fan Company Apache rustic ceiling fan for smart homeWhen old industrial meets new technology, you get Hunter’s latest addition: the Apache.

“As a concept, part of what makes this fan really interesting is it visually looks very turn of the century or 1930s, 1940s industrial, but at the same time it has very new world technology with the introduction of Wi-Fi,” said Hunter Fan Designer Alex Haggar.

The Apache is Wi-Fi enabled to support smart home integrations including Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to control this ceiling fan with voice command or a tap of a finger. The design team embraced the excitement of this technology and aimed to create a ceiling fan design deserving of waiting in line at 6 a.m.

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“We wanted to make sure that we were doing it in a way that the design of the fan deserved the technology inside,” said Hunter Fan Designer Patrick O’Connell, “We pulled together this statement piece that is an industrial with a holophane glass bottom. It’s got a twisted blade to it. It’s just an exciting, on trend fashion forward look.”

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But why stop at integrating new technology? Our innovative design team tinkered with twisted, propeller inspired blades.

[wpvideo 0N8Ywvyz]

“One of the interesting things about this design is it moves quite a bit of air and part of that is because of the way that this blade twists: Because there’s a steeper angle closer to the housing, it moves more air and then creates less resistance on the outside where there’s a shallower angle,” said Haggar.

Form, meet function.

This industrial, glamorous fan took some twists of its own before arriving at the design we know and love today.

“This particular fan initially was a very simple brushed nickel finish and had a different light kit on it but it also screamed industrial, so we had to add the rustic finishes and the holophane glass to make it more complete,” said Hunter Fan Designer Christine Holmes, “We feel like with the finishes, it makes it even more exciting.”

The rustic finishes coupled with the harmonious combination of textured glass and exposed hardware make the Apache perfect for lofts or living rooms. (Our designers even suggested putting this fan in a brewery taproom. Or maybe they’re just after the free beer…)

“These exposed elements and the combination of the textured glass that is reminiscent of commercial lighting is what really makes this fan feel industrial in those small details. Then the addition of the finishes that was placed on it really makes it over the top,” said Hunter Fan Designer Claire McRoberts.

Along with Wi-Fi technology, this industrial inspired ceiling fan comes with an integrated LED light so you don’t have to hassle with changing the bulb.

Available in a rustic glam noble bronze, the Apache is available now to purchase online on Hunter’s website.