The Cunninghams are a family of three (plus Bruce, the rescue bull terrier) living the sweet tiny house life. Going tiny allowed them to have a beautiful home, more time together as a family, and to enjoy everything the Bay Area has to offer.

We live in a custom built tiny house, in California’s San Francisco Bay Area. For those not familiar with tiny homes, they offer an alternative to traditional housing, particularly when built on a trailer foundation - like ours - also called a “tiny house on wheels.”


While the tiny home movement largely began as a DIY solution to the housing and financial pressures facing many young families and professionals, the second wave includes an increasing number of professional builders. As a young, working, city-dwelling family with a toddler, we turned to one of these professional builders (TruForm Tiny), and financed our home with an RV loan. This allowed us to build our dream luxury home, tiny size, in just under 90 days.

Our budget was likely higher than most DIY tiny homes, yet it still represents a substantial savings over renting in our former city or traditional home ownership in the expensive real estate markets we have called home. While minimizing our home and belongings, we didn’t want to sacrifice quality or style, so when designing our home we chose high quality and sometimes high-end materials and finishes, including our Hunter ceiling fan, the Vault.

It’s dramatic but not overpowering in the space, and we genuinely feel that it looks custom designed for our space.

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During our search for the right ceiling fan, we wanted to find something that was appropriately sized for the space, not too big or too small, and that worked with our modern farmhouse design style. Located in the heart of our home, the ceiling fan sits in the transition area from the living room to the kitchen. The 3-blade style of the Vault ceiling fan fit with our modern aesthetic, while the gloss black cage gives it an industrial feel, matching wall sconces, fixtures, railings, and hardware throughout our home. We also love the added safety that the cage provides because we are often at fan-level when climbing up to our storage loft, which will eventually be used as a guest loft or room for our daughter!

Our Hunter Vault caged ceiling fan is a defining feature of our tiny house living space. And yet, it stands out in the best, most subtle way possible. It’s dramatic but not overpowering in the space, and we genuinely feel that it looks custom designed for our space.

For those living in small spaces and trying to maximize both the functionality and design, you don’t necessarily need to choose tiny or “apartment sized” appliances or furniture. In our home, we find that a mix really works to normalize the space, and to maximize livability and visual appeal. While the standard tiny house or small space ceiling fan selection tends to be compact (20-24 inches), they sometimes look odd and stand out in a space in a bad way because of their uncommon size and proportions. At 30 inches, the Vault ceiling fan is not massive but rather scaled appropriately to our living room and kitchen space. Similarly, we have a comfortable “normal” sofa, an apartment-sized refrigerator, and an oversized sink with spacious quartz countertops, rather than tiny RV or custom miniature solutions.

We put a lot of thought and research into the heating and cooling options installed in our tiny home. We have both an AC “mini-split” (with a heat pump) and a miniature wall-mounted wood stove. Our Hunter ceiling fan improves the efficiency of both, circulating both hot and cool air throughout our downstairs living area.  


The add-on light kit brings the functionality of dimmable and low-power consumption lighting. Visually, it’s a much warmer and more pleasant glow than the RV style 12-volt LED lights mounted high in our ceiling. At only 39 watts (based on ~6 hours of usage), the Vault ceiling fan motor consumes less energy than many full-sized fans (50 inches or more), which is a benefit to those minding energy usage.

Our homebuilder installed a dimmable wall mounted switch for both the ceiling fan speed and light. The fact that our two year old cannot reach the wall-mounted switches is actually a benefit. 

The Hunter Vault caged ceiling fan is the perfect ceiling fan for our tiny home. It is beautiful and functional, and is plenty powerful for our space, even with its reasonable size and power consumption. Its crossover aesthetic, both modern and rustic industrial, really drew us in. The size and functionality sealed the deal. The hardest choice for us, really, was which of the two gorgeous color options to choose?

This post is a collaboration with Hunter Fan Company and the Cunninghams. All opinions are that of the guest blogger entirely. 

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