When Hunter’s design team began developing a modern, Southwest design-inspired ceiling fan they went straight to the experts on Southwestern patterns: Pendleton Woolen Mills.
Pendleton is known for their decades old Southwestern patterns that are based on Southwestern designs. They’re best known for their quality, Southwestern style blankets, which are often passed down through families from generation to generation. The Pendleton and Hunter collaboration was a natural fit: Two companies with more than 150 years of design expertise and a passion for quality. The Pendleton® Collection by Hunter® incorporates decades-old southwest patterns into a modern yet timeless ceiling fan design.
Hunter’s design team incorporated Pendleton patterns into the reversible blades, honing into specific and undeniable parts of the popular patterns. Pendleton has used a curated collection of 120 colors in their blankets for the last century, so Hunter collaborated with them to maintain the integrity of the color in the Spider Rock and Canyonlands patterns. They even interpreted Pendleton’s modern ombre weave into the Canyonlands ceiling fan blade finish. They also wanted to create a neutral look and designed a tone-on-tone blade side using the Pecos and Eagle Rock patterns. In both the bold sides and tonal sides, the blades incorporate a custom wood grain finish exclusively Hunter.

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Spider Rock
Each pattern tells a deeper story. The Spider Rock pattern is inspired by Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly National Park, paying tribute to the harsh and beautiful landscape of the American southwest. The color palette of the Canyonlands pattern is designed to mimic the movement of sunlight dancing across the tall pinnacles and breathtaking vistas of Utah’s Canyonlands. The modern yet timeless Spider Rock and Canyonlands Southwestern design ceiling fans will complement your home’s style, whether you feel bold or want to make a subtle statement. Here are a few ways to incorporate the Pendleton Collection by Hunter in any room in your home.
Southwestern patterns
When creating a room with Southwestern style, start by finding the key statement piece you want to build off of – a Southwestern blanket, pillow, or ceiling fan. Keep your statement piece the center of your room by adding complementary patterns. Pair the Spider Rock ceiling fan with a black and white global patterned pouf as well as a tonal rug with a global pattern. If you want to layer patterns, make sure to pick a pattern that has complementary colors to your statement piece.
Natural Materials
Woods, leather, ironwork – these rustic, natural materials complement the authentic heritage of the Pendleton patterns. Dark, rustic wood furniture and wood beam ceilings serve as an accompaniment to the light wood grain finish and the darker neutral colors in the Spider Rock blade finish. Natural wood floors complement the tonal blade finish on the Canyonlands ceiling fan. Layer the natural materials with the Southwestern patterned textiles. Use Southwestern blankets and pillows to top off worn leather chairs and couches. Layer a Southwestern rug over a jute rug. Add some macramé décor and woven or knotted pillows for a modern Boho swing on Southwestern style.

Earthy tones and pops of color

Use the color palette from your statement piece and decorate from there. Pick pillows and rugs that use colors similar to the Canyonlands ceiling fan’s bold red and blue colors. Even choose other Southwestern pattern pillows with complementary colors like marigolds and cactus greens. Or keep the colors neutral like in the Spider Rock fan by using blacks, whites, greys, and tans. A neutral canvas allows the natural materials utilized in the space to stand out.
Blend with mid-century modern furniture
Give your Southwestern style a modern feel with Mid-Century modern inspired furniture and forms. Add a pillow with global pattern to a black and walnut arm chair then top it off with a Moroccan pouf. Get an accent chair recovered in a Southwestern-inspired pattern textile and add a knotted pillow to it. Hoop chairs give a bohemian flair with using rattan and woven elements.

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