Hunter transforms Austin home for Southern Living Idea House 2018

Hunter collaborated with the Southern Living Idea House 2018 to bring new life to a Texas fixer upper in an ambitious Huntervention. Designer Meredith Ellis says, “What is nice about Hunter fans is that they have a variety of options that can fit a multitude of needs and have real aesthetic appeal.”


How to choose an outdoor ceiling fan

Weather resistant, damp-rated — We have tips on how to choose the best outdoor ceiling fan for your patio or pergola. And we answer your burning question: Can you use an outdoor ceiling fan inside?


Charlotte Huntervention™ refreshes farmhouse patio

Hunter Industrial Designer, Claire McRoberts, had the opportunity to lead our latest Huntervention™ in Charlotte, NC, which also happens to be her hometown.

Read along as she shares her heartwarming Huntervention experience with the Sanchez family.

Being from the Charlotte area, it was fun to be able to come back home for such an exciting reason: a hometown Huntervention!

I had the opportunity to meet Gabriel and his parents last November when they came for a tour of our corporate office. Hunter ceiling fans are Gabriel’s most favorite thing in the world, and his parents wanted to do something big for his 16th birthday. They drove all the way from Charlotte to Memphis and we gave them a tour of the design studio.

During the tour, Gabriel’s mom, Bethany, shared that he’s been staring at ceiling fans since he was a toddler. When he played with Legos, he’d make ceiling fans; and whenever they need a new fan they know to go to their son for recommendations.

A year later, we were pleasantly surprised when the front porch we chose to redesign for our latest Huntervention™ happened to be for Gabriel’s family’s home.

Choosing a ceiling fan

Bethany loves modern traditional décor, so we wanted to give the family porch an updated farmhouse look. I chose the Mill Valley farmhouse ceiling fan because it’s a revitalized vintage design; it’s a nostalgic look that’s reminiscent of old barn style lighting, but features current lines and technology.

Ceiling fans provide modern farmhouse inspiration

It ended up being everything I’d hoped for in this space! The red on the fan really creates a statement; you notice it from the street and it sets the tone for the entire home’s curb appeal.

The other reason I chose the Mill Valley is because it’s an outdoor rated ceiling fan. That means it can withstand the North Carolina heat and humidity; it’s designed to not have blade droop or rusted finishes because of the elements.

A ceiling fan in a space is particularly important: You see a lot of things low to the ground, but to really round out a space – artistically speaking – you want to keep your eye moving around the room, which means you have to look up at some point.

To create balance and movement in this space, I added a handful of red accents. Everything else was neutral.

Hunter Mill Valley farmhouse ceiling fan gift for autistic teen

Creating the updated farmhouse design

The grey gingham pillows and grey end tables complimented Bethany’s dark grey shutters and also captured that farmhouse feel without being too country. The striped rugs added a modern feel, grounding the space. I went with white rockers, a white swing and painted the front door white to brighten the space and create contrast off the brick.

The rocking chairs are another example – along with the Mill Valley – of modern farmhouse design. The spindle detailing is a traditional element while the lines on the back of the chair are clean and modernized.

To feel comfortable in an outdoor space, you want it to feel like an extension of your home, and it’s easy to do that with textiles. Because their porch is so long, I added the outdoor rugs to help define the seating areas. And there are three seating areas!

Red Mill Valley pendant inspired ceiling fan on farmhouse porch

The Huntervention reveal

That was another great thing about this space: We gave Gabriel not one but four Mill Valley ceiling fans! When we revealed the space to Gabriel he kept saying how excited he was.

This experience was one of the most emotional moments of my life. As a ceiling fan designer, you don’t always consider that your designs will make a significant impact – other than helping make a home beautiful. My job takes on a lot more meaning knowing that when Hunter Fan Company releases new ceiling fan designs every year it gives Gabriel something to look forward to.

Watching this family fall back in love with their home and their front porch was absolutely heartwarming.

Huntervention tour shows how ceiling fans transform spaces

Hunter Mill Valley red farmhouse ceiling fan on rustic front porch

Mill Valley red farmhouse ceiling fan by Hunter Fan Company

Hunter Mill Valley farmhouse ceiling fan installation

Hunter Mill Valley farmhouse ceiling fan on front porch with rockers

Home Gym featuring The Dempsey

Five easy exercises to do at your home gym

Collierville TN personal trainer Krista Robinson and guest blogger for Hunter Fan CompanyLooking for easy exercises to do at home? We have great tips about utilizing your home gym from Memphis Area Fitness Expert Krista Robinson, PTA, CPT.

Let’s be honest, sometimes getting to the gym can be the hardest part of your fitness routine. So I’ve come up with a quick and challenging ‘go-to’ workout that you can do at home- or anywhere with a fan for that matter! And you won’t need a single piece of equipment for this one.. but don’t worry! You WILL sweat so go ahead and turn the fan on high, grab your water bottle, and let’s get going!

I’ve compiled my top 5 favorite exercises that can be done anywhere and for any fitness level. You can repeat this time and time again and always get a killer workout without leaving your house! What you will need is:

  • 30 minutes or so
  • water bottle
  • sweat towel
  • your ceiling fan on high
  • yoga mat (optional)

Explore our home gym ceiling fans to keep you cool while your workout heats up

Always take the first few minutes of your workout for a full body dynamic warm-up of light movements to get your blood circulating and joints loose. I like mini squats, arm circles, and star reachers. The goal for this workout routine is to do as many rounds as possible in the 30 minutes you have. This will ensure you will keep progressing and extending this routine as you work towards your fitness goals. Always push to do more than the last time!

1. 50 Squat Reachers

Squats are the ultimate exercise move focusing on larger muscle groups and keeping your heart rate up. Adding the heel raise and overhead reach at the top of each rep makes these a killer full body exercise that will tone your legs, glutes, and keep your cardio UP!

  • Sit back into your hips as you bend at the knees, keeping your weight mostly in your heels.
  • Keep your chest lifted by squeezing your upper back muscles and engaging your core.
  • As you come up on your toes and reach your arms up to the ceiling, keep your core engaged, squeeze your glutes and muscles above your knees to control the movement and get the maximum toning benefit every single rep.

Easy exercises to do in your home gym under a ceiling fan

Squat reachers at a fitness studio with gym fan on high

2. 100 Jumping Jacks

Ole Jack knew what he was talking about with this full body cardio blaster!

  • Keep your shoulder blades squeezed together, engage your glutes and abs, and be sure to land softly as you jump out and in to ensure you are working your muscles and protecting your joints.
  • You may need to stop occasionally to get your 100 reps, which is fine. That’s what makes this a great routine to keep coming back to as you progress through your fitness journey.
  • You may need to avoid jumping at first, just keep the intensity and pace up minus the jump!

Five easy tips for how to design your home gym

Jumping jacks in a home gym with the ceiling fan on high

3. 30 Push-Ups

Another sneaky full body exercise if done properly.

  • Keep abs and glutes engaged.
  • Keep your shoulders down and make your chest and posture muscles work by retracting your shoulder blades.
  • You may need to modify these at first by dropping your knees to the mat, keeping your feet in the air, and following the above steps just the same.

Push ups in a fitness center under a gym ceiling fan

Easy home exercises to do in your home gym under a ceiling fan

You’re definitely working up a sweat by now so grab your water as needed and make sure to crank that ceiling fan up! It’s about to get REAL!

4. 60 Lunge Kicks (30 per leg)

A great lower body burner now that your heart rate is up!

  • Step back with one leg and bend both knees into a lunge (at a 90-degree angle) keeping your weight in the heel of your front leg.
  • Engage your core BIG TIME as you stand back up, lifting your back leg through and extending at the knee. Don’t actually “kick;” make this a controlled movement.
  • Repeat on the opposite leg only after you’ve done all 30 reps.

Lunges at a fitness center under a gym ceiling fan

Easy home exercises to do at home under a gym ceiling fan

5. 60 Mountain Climbers (60 per leg so actually 120 total)

Who needs a stair stepper when you can do mountain climbers?! Start in a good plank position with neutral spine and core engaged.

  • Bring alternating knees to chest in a “running” motion while holding that perfect plank using your core and glutes.
  • You can modify by taking out the “run,” but be sure to keep a fast pace and good form.

Mountain climbers at the home gym under a ceiling fan

Repeat these 5 exercises as many rounds as you can in 30 minutes and don’t forget to stretch afterwards!

Krista Robinson is a PTA, CPT, and owner of PT Squared Fitness and Wellness in Collierville, Tennessee. Krista always knew she wanted to be a physical therapist and personal trainer, but a nearly fatal cheerleading fall emphasized her mission even more. Her goal is to help people lose weight and get healthy even if they have pain, injuries, or surgeries.


Huntervention™ tour shows how ceiling fans transform spaces

­Simple updates like paint, pillows and a new ceiling fan can make a room look brand new, and Hunter Fan Company’s team of designers showed how it’s done during the 2017 Hunterventions tour.  Our designers helped five families with a room makeover to show how small updates can make a big difference.

We began in Virginia Beach where a family of five (plus two dogs) needed help updating their living room, a project they just hadn’t been able to get to in the five years that they’ve lived there.

Design Director Patrick O’Connell brightened up the living room by painting the walls a light color as well as painting the fireplace white. To give the room an updated rustic, coastal look, we used wood surfaces with rustic finishes, blue décor accents and topped it all off with the Hepburn modern ceiling fan in matte black. This chandelier inspired ceiling fan is unmistakenably a modern, updated version of traditional design, and O’Connell especially loves the pendant inspired globe light.

The Charlotte Huntervention was a special one for us: 16-year-old Gabriel has loved ceiling fans since he was a little kid. Designer Claire McRoberts was excited to give their wraparound porch a fresh farmhouse feel.

The covered porch was a big space so she used rugs to define smaller spaces among the big space. To give it a modern farmhouse design, McRoberts used elements like white rocking chairs with traditional spindle detailing with clean lines on the back and added four red Mill Valley farmhouse ceiling fans. The Mill Valley is inspired by vintage pendant lighting with a hooded light with an Edison LED light bulb.

In Nashville, Designer Alex Haggar refreshed a kid’s bedroom for Jeremy’s daughter, Keylee. Their home was flooded in 2011, and the money Jeremy wanted to spend on Keylee’s room went to replacing the first floor’s flooring instead.

Alex updated the storage Keylee keeps her toys and dress closes in to be more elevated, modern and something she could grow up with through the years. He chose the Cranbrook mid-century modern ceiling fan in mint to add a subtle pop of color; the low profile ceiling fan tucks higher into the ceiling to optimize space while still providing quality and efficient airflow.

O’Connell met newlyweds Hayley and Hensley in Atlanta to update the master bedroom in their first home together. He wanted to blend their eclectic style with modern décor, so he decided on a bohemian-modern design, utilizing light woods, natural woven textiles and plenty of plants.

Hayley and Hensley live in an older home with small rooms. O’Connell selected the Aker, a small ceiling fan with mid-century design that would made their bedroom look bigger but still grand.

Our final Huntervention of 2017 took place in Dallas where McRoberts gave the Larmer family’s outdated living room an updated, modern look. Painting the brick fireplace and adding new décor gave the room a modern look. McRoberts also arranged the furniture to take advantage of the large space and be conscientious of the highly trafficked room.

Susan Larmer loves modern glam style while her husband Rick Larmer loves technology, so McRoberts chose the Symphony smart home ceiling fan in one of the new finishes. The modern design complemented the look of the room while the technology allows the family to control the ceiling fan with either the pre-installed remote, their cell phone or with Amazon Alexa.

Girl drinking hot tea and reading book in bed

Hygge: Unfussy and uncluttered design for your space

Pinterest identified Hygge as one of the rising trends in 2017. So what exactly is Hygge other than a word that’s tricky to pronounce? (It’s pronounced HUE-gah, by the way.)

The Danish word doesn’t have an exact translation, but it’s used to convey a feeling of coziness and peacefulness. We have some tips on how to achieve the effortless design in your home.


What’s more relaxing than the beach? Imagine the ocean view and bring those colors into your home. Warm, Nordic blues with hints of light greys and taupe will inspire calm and create an oasis to escape a stressful world.

We not only love this color palate on textiles and paint, but try a seaglass inspired backsplash or inky swirled coloring on dishes.


Pairing ocean-inspired colors with subtle nautical prints only seems fitting. While you might not live beachside, coastal patterns and stripes imply a sense of relaxation as if you were there.

Delicate botanicals in those same relaxing hues also add a pop of pattern to your Hygge inspired room. Think small airy blooms and scrolling vines.


How many hours do we spend looking at a computer screen or typing on our phones? Trade tech for textures: Add finishes and textiles in your home that are calming to look at or are soothing to touch.

Satin copper, gentle burnished steel, soft oxidization – add pops of soft worn metals around your room. Rustic woods like a toasted oak or subtle white wash are stylish yet sensory surfaces that will lighten up your space.

Hunter Fan Company Apache rustic ceiling fan for smart home


The ultimate definition of cozy includes soft knits and even velvet (yes, velvet – we hear it’s making a comeback). Utilitarian fabrics, while they don’t always come off as cozy as knits, can convey an unfussy and uncluttered feel with clean lines for an airy industrial look.

Woven tiling and loose weaves in blankets resemble netting and can be a unique yet casual texture to apply in your space.


Who Our Designers Follow on Instagram

We consider ourselves ceiling fan trend setters here at Hunter, but we’re constantly researching upcoming home fashion trends. Sometimes it takes us to Instagram, so we’re sharing which influencers our designers following these days.