Every single room can benefit from a ceiling fan: Ceiling fans can handle the heat in the kitchen, revitalize your rec room, help you lull your baby to sleep in the nursery, and even amp up your workout in your home gym.

Modern ceiling fan designs can also inspire fresh looks with unique designs, premium finishes and colors, reversible-blade choices, optional light kits and downrods in various finishes and lengths. Hunter has a wide selection to complement your unique style and taste.

Hunter ceiling fans fit comfortably in any room in the house. Or outside of it! Many of our ceiling fans have features that place convenience, efficiency, and adaptability at a premium. Liven up your kitchen, game room, dining room, laundry room, home office, home gym, or workshop. Your front porch can even be a hot spot for cooling off in summer.



Open flames and fired-up ovens keep the kitchen cooking. But temperatures don’t always need to be flaring. A perfectly measured kitchen ceiling fan is your secret ingredient for reducing the heat. That will certainly keep the cooks in the kitchen happy. Even a small ceiling fan centered above a breakfast nook can liven up the mood if you’re not a morning person.


Garage Workshop

Making the perfect miter cut requires concentration—not sweat. Your workshop should have good air circulation when you’re tackling home projects. Less perspiration so you can focus on the fine details. And proper ventilation for safety. Spend more of your time on your handy work, not wiping your brow. A fan can be the perfect helping hand.


Laundry Room

Laundry room fans feature custom cool-down cycles and smaller sizes that work wonders in tighter spaces. Managing loads of dirty clothes can be quite a workout. Couple that with the heat the drying machine generates. Why not be comfortable during this chore? Multiple speeds means you’ll have the right temp setting to get the job done in a breeze.


Home Gym

Crossfit, boxing, or good old circuit training: design your home gym to motivate and get you off the couch. And while you want your muscles to burn, the rest of your body doesn’t have to. Your workout will benefit from the cooling power of a ceiling fan. It can keep you energized for more reps and better results. Up your strength and stamina without overheating.


Covered Porch

Damp-rated outdoor ceiling fans have you covered in summertime, so the heat won’t dampen the mood. Our wet-rated ceiling fans are engineered to withstand the elements, and our damp-rated fans are designed so the environment won’t rust the fan, fade the finishes, or droop the blades. Bring the style of your indoor spaces to your covered porches, patios, and sunrooms. A powerful fan can quickly turn down the heat. And keep the heatwave from crashing the party.

Need help choosing an outdoor ceiling fan? We have an easy guide to help you pick the right outdoor ceiling fan for your patio or even your pergola.


Dining Room

A dining room ceiling fan can add ambiance and fresh air so family time around the dinner table is more fulfilling. A light fixture with a dimming feature allows you to set the perfect mood for dinner parties. Slow speed settings let you circulate air without distracting from your culinary creations.


Game Room

The competition is about to heat up in the game room. The team needs to be comfortable to be on their game. A strategically placed ceiling fan provides ultra-powerful air flow to keep them on target. SIMPLEconnect™ WiFi® ceiling fans will also play well with the room—they can perform on cue with a tap of the remote or voice command. Sleek and modern or smartly casual, a ceiling fan is a sure winner.

Comfort comes from the collective

If a consistent style completes your sense of fashion, start with a fan collection. The single design comes in an array of finishes, sizes, colors, and light fixtures so you can carry the design through to every room throughout your home. Fashion-conscious Design-It-Yourselfers can customize specific features within each space without losing the overall cohesive look.

Hunter’s unique fan collections will keep your rooms perfectly coordinated and well-connected—so your style is never out of sync. For example, with the Brunswick Collection, you can easily select models that work well with any size room. With SIMPLEconnectTM and Wi-FiTM technology fans integrate with your smart home features, making them the intelligent choice.

Coordinating for form and function

For our more eclectic fashionistas, home design is about expressing your individuality. You see the unique personality within each space—like a hidden gem. With your ability to coordinate room-by-room, you create a place that fits your style.

Hunter has a stylish mix of fans that can be in the moment, too. The Ronan caged ceiling fan is a cool place to start. An ultra-modern fan in matte black will add sophistication to your kitchen while the brass cage complements your cabinet pulls. The Dempsey modern ceiling fan with light has simple lines and contrasting angles that connect with the decor in your home office. Weathered and rustic, American farmhouse, timeless modern, transitional twist -- One by one you can put your own personal spin on cool. Fill rooms with fresh, stylish looks that are truly one of a kind. Just like you.

Use your unique eye for design to tie your entire home together. A little inspiration and ingenuity can breathe new life into all of your spaces. Whether you’re starting anew, updating, or completely renovating, placing ceiling fans throughout your entire house can complete your dream home.

Creating tailored home solutions requires a smart plan and, of course, a fabulous assortment of design selections. Hunter has already thought it through, with modern styles, elevated performance, and SIMPLEconnectTM smart home technology that keeps you in control. Design-savvy superstars like you will be inspired to find your personal style. Reimagine the unique possibilities with creative fan placement. Because the best seat in the house is always under a Hunter fan.

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