The Signal: A smart ceiling fan for your connected home

The Signal features WiFi and Apple HomeKit capabilities, but our team shares more features about our smart fan that helps you easily create a connected home. 

The wait is over.

The Signal, Hunter Fan’s WiFi and Apple HomeKit enabled ceiling fan, is now available to purchase for your home.

Our team has been equally excited for this day: They began working on smart ceiling fans back in 2014.

“The Signal has some really great features: It’s very easy to install, it’s even easier to use and it has WiFi compatibility which also features Apple’s HomeKit technology,” said Jeremy Tarr, Hunter’s Director of Business Development.

Easy installation starts when you open the box: We wanted to save you a couple minutes by making sure the blade irons are already attached.

Find installation help and more FAQ here.

While wiring the fan may seem tricky (we have a video to help you with that), Tarr said wiring the remote receiver is already done for you.

“Unlike a lot of our traditional fans that require you to install a remote receiver, all those electronics are already embedded in the fan,” he said, “There’s a couple wires coming out of the top, so you simply connect those wires to your power and you’re off and running.”

The WiFi capabilities help you control your fan from anywhere, whether you’re on your couch or at your desk at work. It also allows you to effortlessly create a connected home.

“With your smartphone you’re able to set schedules, you’re able to set timers, you’re able to turn the unit on and off, dim the light, change the direction of the fan,” said Tarr, “The fan can help with energy savings by complimenting your connected thermostat, so you can set the temperature a little bit higher and turn your ceiling fan on to maintain comfort while you’re in the space.”

Just like your smartphone, this smart ceiling fan receives updates for its software to include new features and integrations with other devices.

Learn more about pairing your fan with your smart phone.

Did your phone die? Or does your babysitter not have the app? Not a problem: The Signal comes with a remote too.

You’ll lose a switch when you install most ceiling fans with remotes.

Is this switch for the light? Or is it this one? Oh, this one is for the fan.

Sound familiar? Tarr said the Signal saves you from that guessing game.

“With our new connected fans we’ve created a virtual three way switch which allows you to use one of the switches as a master power switch and one to simply cycle the light on and off,” he said.

Apple’s Home app will be available through iOS 10 in the fall, and the Signal will be compatible with it.