You could say the housing market is shrinking: Literally, homes are getting smaller. The new tiny home movement is making a big splash. Who doesn’t want to curl up in their own comfy mini-sanctuary and watch the world go by? A tiny home forces homeowners to declutter, allowing them to be less focused and weighed down by “stuff” and more focused on spending time on the important moments. It also allows them to relocate at a moment’s notice. Move over McMansions, there’s a new home on the block—tiny houses are taking over.

Tiny homes come in many forms: A stationary home, a mobile one manufactured with wheels to be towed cross-country, a hillside cabin, a lakeside retreat, a miniature backyard bungalow. A treehouse or an A-frame. One-story or two-story. Many are a single room. The tiny home options continue to grow, but the tiny home concept remains small.


The new tiny home movement is making a big splash.

Our favorite small fans


These dynamic and intimate spaces are springing up in unexpected places. Pool houses, workshops and she sheds—some even made from shipping containers—are shaping up suburbia. Because everyone needs their space, even if it’s a small one. And if you need to be mobile, a tiny house on wheels is the perfect way to go.

Small spaces need comfort and style, too. Small ceiling fans made for smaller rooms will provide efficient air circulation. We love how the Vault caged ceiling fan complemented the size and décor of the Cunningham’s tiny home in California.The 36-inch Aker and Loki small ceiling fans enhance the style of casual, farmhouse, or bohemian style small spaces and tiny homes. The 44-inch Dempsey is perfect for tiny homes with bold, modern décor. 

Flush-mounted models hug close to the ceiling and are a perfect fit in with tighter dimensions. They’ll help create a cool breeze in summer. Switch the ceiling fan direction in the winter to will spread the warmth in winter. 


Indoor/outdoor spaces like pool houses and workshops can also be exposed to humidity and the elements. Outdoor ceiling fans built for these conditions are the ideal choice. Bonus: it’s easier to maximize efficiency with a fan when you only have a room or two. 


With a large array of styles, you can feel comfortable choosing a fan that also fits your small home and room designs. Here are some unique tiny spaces you may already have in your home that could benefit from a small ceiling fan. 

She Sheds

Every woman wants her very own custom-made backyard studio. A place to chill. A nook to read. A room to practice yoga. Somewhere to go to be at one with her thoughts. A place to escape from the rest of the world. Show me a “She Shed.” You now have room for all of the above.


One thing these activities have in common is they require a cozy space. The compact and casual design of Aker or Loki small ceiling fans fit the bill. A ceiling fan in a “She Shed” provides the comfort for down time with a good book, practicing yoga poses, cooling down after your morning workout routine, or remaining cool under pressure when you’re working on that final report.

Shipping Container Homes

Shipping containers aren’t just for ships anymore—now they can be called home. Shipping container homes have opened up the world to amazing possibilities. And they continue expanding in popularity. Who knew? Architecture is taking advantage of their unique functionality. The steel structures are easily configured, and can be combined for expanded creative floor plans. Plus they’re corrosion resistant and considered to be very eco-friendly.

Because they’re made of steel they need to be well-insulated and have good air circulation—direct sunlight will heat up the steel, freezing winter air will make it ice-cold. The modern industrial vibe of the Vault caged ceiling fan should keep your container in ship-shape. Welcome aboard!


Pool Houses

Pool houses often echo the architecture of the main house and are designed to provide a private space near your swimming pool for entertaining. They also give you a place to change in and out of swimsuits, rinse off with a quick shower, catch a quick nap, or sip a fancy cocktail. Pool house fans can also keep the humidity down to ward off the unpleasantness of mildew. 


Dive in with the Sea Wind outdoor ceiling fan. It will keep your guests cool when you throw pool parties. With bigger gatherings, a breeze from above can keep the festive mood flowing. Or, slow down the pace when you need to chill and adjust your fan speed to fit your mood accordingly.


Let’s do this tiny thing and take advantage of life’s little pleasures. If you’re ready to downsize then it’s time to plan your yard sale—and rid yourself of the excesses. Eliminate the non-essentials and condense your world into the barest of necessities to make room for your new tiny home.


Every DIY-er dreams of having a built-to-suit workshop and filling it with every tool imaginable: table saws, claw hammers, sanding belts, screwdrivers, Allen wrenches. Everything you need to complete your to-do lists. Better tighten up your tool belt.


Handy people will also want to fill their workshop with fresh circulating air. If you’re going to spend quality time in your workshop, you want to stay warm in winter and keep cool in summer. The Cassius or Chronicle outdoor ceiling fans will come in handy. The Brunswick outdoor ceiling fan’s wood finish blades are a nice accent in woodworking garage shops. Switch the ceiling fan direction in the winter to keep you warm, so you’re prepared to fix and repair year-round.