Tips for cleaning your ceiling fan

Hunter white ceiling fan in transitional roomA dusty ceiling fan doesn’t only look gross, it can be a home to bugs like mites.

There’s nothing cool about that.

If that’s not motivation enough, keeping your ceiling fan clean and dust-free can help prevent allergy issues.

When you go to clean your ceiling fan, lay an old sheet, towel or drop cloth down on the bed, furniture, whatever is directly under your fan that you don’t want to get residual dust on while you’re cleaning your fan.

Stand on a ladder so your head is above the blades, then slip the pillowcase over each blade and pull it back to trap the dust. Repeat this for all of your ceiling fan’s blades. Do not put a lot of pressure on the blades when you’re doing this: Too much pressure could cause the blades to break or go out of balance.

Use a cotton cloth for any small missed spots or to dust the base of the fan and the light.

Oh yeah — Don’t forget to wash the pillowcase when you’re done.