Installing a ceiling fan can seem intimidating, but we’re here to put you at ease. We’ve answered your frequently asked questions and provided additional resources for how to install a ceiling fan.


How to wire a ceiling fan

Wiring can seem intimidating, so check out our “how to install a ceiling fan” YouTube video to understand what you need to do. You’ll also need to follow along with the installation manual that came with your ceiling fan. (Don’t have your manual? You can search for it here.)

When you wire a ceiling fan, push the bare metal ends of the wires together (do not twist the wires together). Slide a wire nut over the wires, then twist it clockwise until it’s tight. Check to make sure none of the wires are loose by gently tugging on the wire nut.

Which color wires need to be connected together or separately depends on a couple of factors: • Do you have a single light switch? Or dual light switch? • Did your ceiling fan remote receiver come preinstalled? Or do you have to install and wire it? Once you figure that out, refer to your installation manual for which wires to connect. You can use the YouTube video as a supplement to the manual. If you are uncomfortable wiring your ceiling fan or any part of the process, please consult a professional, certified electrician.
How to install a ceiling fan where no fixture exists currently

Want to add a ceiling fan to a room that doesn’t already have a ceiling fan or light fixture? You need to reach out to a certified, professional electrician to first install a ceiling fan rated junction box (this is a container that’s mounted in your ceiling to house the electrical wire connections). You can install the fan yourself once the fan box is installed, if you’re comfortable. Otherwise, have the electrician install the fan while they’re installing the ceiling fan rated junction box.


How to install a ceiling fan without the light kit

Some Hunter ceiling fans come with the ability to be installed with or without the light kit. Check your installation manual to see if yours does. If it does, your fan will come with a separate cap for installing the fan without the light.

Once you turn the power off at the circuit breaker and wall light switch, you can start removing the light kit pieces. You’ll need to cap the wires with either wire nuts or a dummy terminal. Tuck those wires back into the switch housing, then install the cap and reinstall any necessary pull chains. Then you can turn the power back on!

Refer to your installation manual for a more detailed guide. Watch the “how to install a ceiling fan” YouTube video for support along with the manual, too.

How to pair the remote control

Most Hunter ceiling fans come with a pre-paired remote control, so it’s ready to use as soon as the fan is installed. If you accidentally unpair your included ceiling fan remote or you purchase a new accessory remote, you’ll need to understand what remote you have in your Hunter ceiling fan.


If your remote receiver was preinstalled in the fan (like with our SIMPLEconnect® WiFi ceiling fans): Cycle power to the fan at the wall light switch by turning the light switch at the wall OFF, then back to the ON position. Press and hold the pair button (you’ll find it in the back of the remote by the battery) until the blue lights blink and you hear an audio feedback from the fan.


If your remote receiver is installed separately and looks like the picture to the left: Cycle the fan/light switch at the wall OFF and then back to the ON position. Within 3 minutes, press and hold both the Fan Off button and the High button for 4 seconds to pair the remote.

You can find more remote troubleshooting information in the installation manual. You can search for your fan’s manual on our website here. If you need a remote, explore our collection of ceiling fan remote controls.

How do I change the light bulb

Hunter ceiling fans come with a light bulb, but in the event you need to change the ceiling fan light bulb, simply replace it with the same wattage and type as the light bulb included with the fan. We make sure our ceiling fan light bulbs are tested for safety and longevity, so you shouldn’t have to change them too often.

For ceiling fans with globe light kits, you will need to remove the glass, any pull chains, and in some cases the cap and finial in order to change the light bulbs. Some of our ceiling fans with lights feature an integrated LED light, meaning you never have to change the light bulb!

If you have specific questions about your specific Hunter ceiling fan model, you can search for it on our website. You’ll need to know your model number. You can find the model number on the top of the ceiling fan body.

Need to know more about choosing the best ceiling fan? Check out our three part ceiling fan buying guide that breaks it down by the basics, thestyle, and the accessories.