The modern laundry room is more than just a hot, damp closet. Laundry rooms can be efficient workspaces with plenty of storage, and a little bit of style. Whether you have a big family, or just an always-into-something toddler, odd are you’re spending a lot of time in this room. Why not make the laundry room a space that’s comfortable and an extension of the rest of your home?

Here are five quick and easy laundry room ideas to refresh your space.

Add a laundry room ceiling fan

Keep cool while the washing and drying machines are running. A ceiling fan with light for the laundry room gives off a cool breeze as well as illuminates the room while you work. The Wingate rustic ceiling fan is great for farmhouse laundry rooms, and the Dempsey ceiling fan collection fits with casual and modern laundry rooms.

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Hunter Wingate rustic ceiling fan in farmhouse laundry room with front loading washing machines


A low profile ceiling fan is great for small laundry rooms without a lot of ceiling space. A fan that hugs close to the ceiling gives you plenty of headspace while keeping you cool and providing ample light. A hugger ceiling fan is a perfect option if your ceilings are 8 feet or lower. We love how Diana Elizabeth used the low profile Cranbrook modern ceiling fan in her small laundry room.

Hunter mint Cranbrook modern ceiling fan in rustic laundry room by Diana Elizabeth Photography

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When you install a laundry room ceiling fan, make sure the tip of the ceiling fan blades are at least 18 inches away from walls and cabinets. You want to avoid hitting the ceiling fan when you open the doors.

Front loading laundry machines

Front loading washing and drying machines give you design flexibility: You can stack them to save floor space or place them side by side and top off with a counter for convenient clothes folding.

If you chose the side-by-side option, you can also purchase pedestals to pair with your front-loading machines. The pedestals allow for extra storage space as well as raising the machines higher to make them easier to access. The pedestals are typically available for newer model washer and dryer units.

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Maybeck craftsman ceiling fan in bohemian laundry room by Hunter Fan Company

Countertops on top of the machines

Laundry room countertops over the washer and dryer units make for a convenient work surface when you’re taking clothes out of the drying machine. A countertop also helps prevent items from falling in between or behind the machines.

Waterfall countertops are a modern approach, but the material can vary depending on your style. Farmhouse and casual laundry rooms call for stained wood countertops, while white or black countertops complement modern laundry rooms.

Plenty of shelving

Small laundry rooms allow you to be creative with your storage. Find unused corners to add shelving and use wall space for wire baskets instead of wall art.

Open shelves let you display stylish storage baskets while keeping laundry supplies within reach and easily accessible. Wire baskets are trendy and let you see what’s inside. They also serves as a great way to showcase vintage finds, family photos, and artwork to personalize the space.

Closed cabinetry hides the clutter. For farmhouse style laundry rooms, go for matte black door handles and pulls. Try warm metals for more modern laundry rooms. Consider corner shelving to make use of space that might have otherwise been wasted.

Use shelves and cabinets that are higher up to keep cleaning supplies out of reach of young children.

Textures and textiles

Couple rustic wood countertops with subway tile on the wall. A subway tile backsplash is easy to clean. White grout makes the room look bigger but a darker grout doesn’t show dirt as easily.

Laundry room rugs add personality as well as comfort while you’re standing folding laundry and moving clothes from the washer to the dryer. Vintage distressed or jute rugs are casual yet modern in farmhouse inspired spaces. Southwestern inspired rugs are a unique touch in mid-century modern inspired laundry rooms.

Feeling bold? Add a patterned tile to the laundry room. Black and white patterned tiles are classic, while a pop of blue adds interest.