What’s trending for 2015?

We caught up with the members of our industrial design team here at Hunter—Claire, Christine and Christophe—and asked them to share their thoughts on 2015’s interior design trends.

How would you sum up design trends for 2015?

Claire: I’d say things are trending toward the traditional. Home décor went very casual for a while, but we see tradition coming back—what I mean by that is, there’s a formality happening in design.

Christine: At the same time, a traditional style isn’t what it used to be. It’s evolved.

So what does “traditional” look like now?

Christophe: It’s been streamlined—modernized. You’ll see old pieces of furniture, for example, that have been stripped down to the bare wood and refinished.

Christine: Yeah, and if the natural wood is beautiful, you’ll see it without any stain at all. Otherwise you might see a wash on it. We’re definitely in a period of authenticity in interior design and home décor.

What do you mean by “authenticity”?

Christophe: As in, copper is copper, bronze is bronze, wood is wood. People are seeking out what you might think of as “noble” materials—the pure, almost raw material itself. So there’s a return to the traditional and formal, but there’s a new simplicity to it.

Can you tell us more about what to expect for woods and metals?

Claire: For wood furniture in general, medium-brown finishes will dominate in 2015. With kitchen cabinets in particular, we’ll continue to see a gray stain or wash.

Christine: I think matte metal finishes will still be big this year, but the look will be dry and kind of complex—so there might be some texture to it.

How about colors and fabrics? What’s going to be hot?

Claire: Gold is certainly coming back—we’ll see it pick up this year and become even more prominent in 2016. This makes sense in terms of the return to a traditional, more formal style.

Christophe: Velvet will be one of the top fabrics of 2015. Velvet has made an appearance in the fashion industry for some time now, and fashion trends lead the way—eventually you’ll find those trends reflected in home décor.

Last question—what’s inspiring you lately?

Christophe: There’s not just one thing that’s inspiring; life is inspiring and forever evolving.